Turning 30!!!

Turning 30!!!

Naina grapples with heartbreak and a crisis in her advertising career, while facing her 30th birthday.

Naina grapples with heartbreak and a crisis in her advertising career, while facing her 30th birthday. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Adam E (fr) wrote: An almost deeply disturbing story of riches to rags. This is a perfect portrait of the financial crisis America went through in 2008.

Hanh R (it) wrote: It was nice "boston" movie and I enjoyed seeing some familiar places. The actors were great and the jokes funny. It was awesome to see Brian and Bryan in several scenes as the extras. Way to go boys!

Eliabeth H (it) wrote: slow-moving, inaccurate (why would a navy ship be manned entirely by officers!?) over-emotional...beautiful scenery though. Although the movie was called "blackbeard",the focus seemed to be on Maynard, which was annoying - i was hoping to see some more on the pirate

Warren A (de) wrote: Long Dream is the second translation of a Junji Ito comic by director Higuchinsky (Uzumaki), More trash from the master with no cash.. this film is bad.. you will love it

charisse f (kr) wrote: that girl's really got it going!

Amanda R (de) wrote: Rick Moranis roller skates in this movie.

Dave W (br) wrote: Either I should rate this movie higher, or I should have liked it less, but I'm not sure which. Based on writings by the Marquis De Sade, this movie is sick, sadistic, and not as campy as it is dated. It's a 60's movie about a group of models, some torture devices and a psycho in a castle's dungeon. Not for the feint of heart. While some people may dismiss this as a campy, it was a well done examination of perverted themes as envisioned by one of history's darkest visionaries.

jay n (us) wrote: Silly concoction is a minor work for all involved. Ingrid, in her last foreign film before her exile from Hollywood due to the Rossolini scandal ended and triumphant return in Anastastia, is charming and her dresses are incredibly beautiful. But the settings have a sense of falseness to them, even wealthy people's homes look like someone lives there, these are obvious sets. Even the outdoor scenes have a claustrophoic feeling of being stagebound. Mildly amusing but almost completely forgettable.