Turning Point

Turning Point

Laughing (MICHAEL TSE) is formally a police undercover. However due to a drug trafficking case, Inspector Pan (FELIX WONG) is hot on his trails. Before Laughing becomes a police undercover, he works under triad leader Yi (ANTHONY WONG). Yi treats Laughing as his own brother, however to protect his territory and illegal businesses, Yi instructed Laughing to join the police force and act as his undercover. Laughing is a high-flyer in the police academy. However he never got a chance to join the force because he is specially picked by Inspector Xian (YUEN BIAO) to be an undercover in the underworld syndicate. Hence Laughing becomes a “double-undercover”. Yi is happy that Laughing is allocated to the triad of his rival (FRANCIS NG). To make his situation worse, Laughing falls in love with the triad leader’s sister, Karen. Justice, brotherhood and love, what will Laughing decide on? His decision will be a turning point in his life.

The prequel to the popular character, Laughing Gor (Michael Tse) in the highly rated TVB drama series Emergency Unit... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Inta K (nl) wrote: not interesting, with no really story in it, kinda vapid

James O (it) wrote: Erm that's not a nice film. Bit boring at times but the ending was shocking enought to provide some redemption for the film. Not a feel good film.

Debra C (gb) wrote: good movie. use music to express the emotion

jimmi l (gb) wrote: The good old times :)

Richard P (ca) wrote: Its a funny film if a little simplistic in parts. Definitely a better watch back in the day

Tim S (br) wrote: Ernst Lubitsch directed Jack Benny and Carole Lombard to comedy gold in To Be or Not to Be. It was meant as a satirization of both actors in the face of danger and of Adolph Hitler and his Nazi-occupation of Poland from 1939 to 1945. A controversial film for its time, it has since become a comedy classic, even being remade in 1983 by Mel Brooks. To Be or Not to Be is, for me, a very special film. Nowadays, you can satirize pretty much anything and get away with it. It's not uncommon anymore. South Park has been doing it for a very long time, but in 1942, a satirization of Adolph Hitler was almost certain to be taken the wrong way. In the midst of a World War II, mixing tones in a film that was sending up the Third Reich was bound to find some controversy. It's a very smart film, setting up the characters early on and everything having to do with them coming into play later in the film. It's very funny, but it's also quite dark at times, particularly when the Nazis invade Poland in the opening act. I think if critics had been a little more open-minded and kept their politics in their pocket, they might have seen the film for what it was and is: a well-made piece of dramatic comedy. It was also remade in 1982 by Mel Brooks, but to lesser lasting appeal.

Anne F (au) wrote: Sink The Bismarck! was an interesting account of the Battle of the Denmark Strait and subsequent sinking of the Bismarck. The film was let down by one-dimensional characters who were in some cases very obvious caricatures (for instance Admiral Gunther Lutjens wasn't the rabid Nazi portrayed here) and 'over-explaining' where people told each other things (for our benefit) that wouldn't have been said at the time.

Mohammed A (au) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Panta O (ru) wrote: Interesting and orthodoxly made documentary about the noted underground cartoonist Robert Crumb and his family, which took nine years to be completed. The director Terry Zwigoff won widespread acclaim for this work of art about the controversial artist. Jeffery M. Anderson (later critic for the San Francisco Examiner) placed the film on his list of the ten greatest films of all time, labelling it "the greatest documentary ever made." I would not go even close that statement, because it is a typical talking documentary, with interviews about childhood, portrayal of his family and friends, his life philosophy and examples of his work. The guy is an odd one but he is amazing artist who makes this documentary interesting, his humour adds the entertainment, and his family adds reality and tragedy. Walking the fine edge between life and death, with the dark thought always present in the background, his saviour is his art, R-rated but, for him, liberating and invigorating.The story of Crumb is real, and it is all about the experiences and characters of the Crumb family, particularly Robert Crumb's brothers, Maxon and Charles, his wife and children... sadly, his sisters declined to be interviewed, but I understand that if you take that all three brothers were growing as social misfits, and the oldest committed a suicide only a year after the documentary was shown, living secluded life in his room for many years before that. Of course, Zwigoff had the consent of the Crumb brothers, some questioned the ability of the more disturbed brothers to provide that consent, because even in the movie, Charles, the oldest brother (they are all amazing artists), in the beginning refused to be a part of it.Robert Crumb initially did not want to make the film, but eventually agreed. There was a rumour that Terry Zwigoff made Crumb cooperate by threatening to shoot himself. During the nine years that it took to make the documentary Zwigoff said he was "averaging an income of about $200 a month and living with back pain so intense that I spent three years with a loaded gun on the pillow next to my bed, trying to get up the nerve to kill myself." If you are in a mood to watch a provocative and haunting documentary about one of the best cartoon artists of the 20th century (Time magazine art critic Robert Hughes calls him "the Brueghel of the last half of the 20th century") , do not miss this one, regardless the fact that Robert Crumb and wife Aline had drawn a "scornful" cartoon about the film in The New Yorker.

Amelia E (gb) wrote: I gave it one star for fine acting and a half for the incredibly handsome Liam Hemsworth.

Peter S (au) wrote: Three stars is very generous. This is a movie that basically says, you can still be a kid even at 35. The only reason to watch this movie would be if you're in the mood for a stupid comedy. I didn't even know about it until one of my classmates said he watched it high for 45 minutes before realizing there was no sound. And yes, you read that right. It's made by happy Madison, the same company that adam Sandler uses to make all of his movies. You know that when the first line of dialogue is, while playing a boxing video game, "F**k! Stop hitting me!" You know it's just going to be stupid. It also feels like it goes on a little too long. However, if you're looking for an average stupid comedy, here it is.

Logan M (gb) wrote: Jamie Foxx's performance is as smooth as the real Ray Charles.

Jo M (jp) wrote: worth a watch. not great but not bad. it really seems like real life compared to other movies.