Exploring the lives of immigrants who find themselves torn between two lands and cultures, with roots in neither, this messy, moving and joyous romantic drama introduces a trio of Turkish ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Turquaze torrent reviews

Mikey P (kr) wrote: Great movie, severly underrated. A shame.

Lee M (kr) wrote: A middling piece of explicitly Christian cinema.

Brett B (au) wrote: Slightly above average comedy flick with a handful of strong moments usually by Green, Marsden, or Duke. The amish parts make the movie enjoyable, but nothing to seek out but could easily watch if nothing else is on kind of movie.

Jordan K (fr) wrote: Since the dawn of gaming, it's never been a good idea to make film adaptations of games. The Mario franchise gained itself one of the worst films ever and the fighting games of the mid '90s had lackluster adaptations. Nothing comes more bland than Tomb Raider, which is an excuse for eye candy and scantily clad Angelina Jolie fighting off baddies - it's a snoozefest.Lara Croft is the notorious tomb raider and adventurous daughter of a historically significant dead explorer, as she must retrieve a stolen clock from the members of the Illuminati, hoping to put together two halves of an artifact to reverse time.Lara Croft reminds me of a bad cross between Indiana Jones and the Bond franchise (ironically, Daniel Craig before his Bond days plays a role in this). The tech savvy, witty, and forcefully attractive seeming Lara Croft can come off as almost annoying and way too smug, the character knows how situations will end and that she's the best explorer in the country - it gets old, Croft is extremely unlikable and so is everyone else. There's a lot of pointless action sequences, explosions and lights gleaming, outdated early 2000s music, and a reminder that this a mere PS1 gem that won't hold up when reviewing it fourteen years later. Croft is a snoozefest, the characters don't matter and neither does the story.

Destin H (de) wrote: Yeah, it's cheesy and low budget and kiddie, but there are some cute, worthwhile lines. Plus, Jack Black is in it.

Charles C (jp) wrote: Great movie, and a look at Amy before Ben gets to her.Movie makes you laugh and think about things. Did I mention Ben Afflect is in the movie so what is there to bitch about!!!

Timm S (ca) wrote: An Aussie Comedy That Works Because There Is A Strange Affection One Has For The Innocent Nature Of Malcolm. Unsolicited Other Than A Desire To Help, He Helps Find Adventure & Happiness In A Rather Unusual Manner.

Nicolas L (au) wrote: A decent idea botched by ham-fisted direction, irritable ADR and the horrible choice of casting Harvey Keitel.

Brian C (de) wrote: An ok jungle movie with a message. The message...the media is bad. drugs are bad. jungle is good. blah blah blah. Michael Berryman was good however. One scene was great though...the splitting scene. Extremely well done. Easily the money shot of this mediocre movie.

Matt H (fr) wrote: Made me laugh as a kid. Probably doesn't hold up, but it has its moments, and... a catch-phrase: "you're doomed."

Samantha S (es) wrote: Saw this on ONTV in the dark ages before cable. Waste of celluloid. What were they thinking?

Luis O (gb) wrote: As close to perfect as a genre film can get

Paul C (es) wrote: A decent film noir but hardly deserving of it's reputation - hindered again by another wooden performance from Farley Granger. More focus should have been directed toward Jay Flippen and Howard Da Silva as Granger's bank-robbing partners.

Niloo R (br) wrote: i really liked the premise of the film, like the whole artsy college students trying to make it after they finish school. i also liked the cinematography of the film, with the documentary-style filmmaking. there's also something idealistic about the young lifestyle of the characters. but in terms of the plot and character, it was nothing special, and a little bit too 90s at times. ben stiller was much more tolerable though, and winona ryder was actually pretty .... oh how the times change.

jay n (au) wrote: incredible that this many talented people could be in something so moronic.