• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:100 minutes
  • Release:1995
  • Language:Malay
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Turtle 1995 full movies, Turtle torrents movie

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Turtle torrent reviews

Valeria P (nl) wrote: Raw but real, Marion Cotillard is far from her more glamorous roles and she is amazing as a lower middle class mother of two suffering from depression and fighting for her job and to find reasons to keep going.

Brad S (ru) wrote: Bad acting and poor writing make this movie plain old boring.

Swayamdeep S (mx) wrote: I've been loved and I've been aloneAll my life I been a rolling stoneDone everthing that a man can doEverthing to get a hold on youAnd this ain't no place for the weary kindThis ain't no place to lose your mindThis ain't no place to fall behindPick up your crazy heart and give it one more tryCrazy heart is the wrestler without the r-rated material. A sweet story of a washed up country music singer played by the great dude Jeff Bridges.

Max A (jp) wrote: They need an entry for Undercut (and Kwoon)... I like their humor and style, but this production company's films are only slightly better than youtube quality productions. No doubt entertaining though.

Kyle M (ca) wrote: Maybe sad like Disney's "Old Yeller," but with a triumph ending. I can't bare to watch the dogs' misadventures when they're alone, it's just truly sad and hard to watch. (C)

Rogier J (ag) wrote: There is no pacifist with a gun. Still, I feel that Dear Wendy is much more than just an anti-weapon or even an anti-America (??) statement as some people may label it. It offers a very (!) original plot, an awesome setting, and a dramatic ending. It's also unrealistic and yet it's not... it even makes you dig the Zombies...

Sophia C (jp) wrote: Best Movie I have ever seen in my entire life!

Muffin M (mx) wrote: Hiding under the FBI Witness Protection Program, Rick Jarmin (Mel Gibson) gets nervous when old flame Marianne Graves (Goldie Hawn) recognizes him. But before he can assume a new identity, the man he put in jail (David Carradine) is released and comes to pay his respects. Rick and Marianne find themselves thrown together on an exhilarating cross-country scramble, barely evading the gangsters, police and an amorous veterinarian (Joan Severance).also stars Jeff Corey, Bill Duke, Harry Caesar, Stephen Tobolowsky and Alex Bruhanski.directed by John Badham.

Michael D (gb) wrote: such a lovely film...really good as well. but what on earth were these people wearing those days???!!!!! ;)

Carlos R (jp) wrote: Imaginative, gorgeously animated, and very original. Up is a refreshing entry that tackles very mature themes that were never explored in previous movies.

TRay (us) wrote: this movie is just crazy enough to be pretty good....

Cynthia S (jp) wrote: Rather boring. Too bad, because I usually like Ed Burns movies. Not at all a typical holiday film.

Andrea M (de) wrote: First time watching it....excellent.