What happens when 3 groups of people decide to rob the same bank on the same day?

What happens when 3 groups of people decide to rob the same bank on the same day? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rich F (ag) wrote: Tough watch, heart warming in places and gut wrenching in others. Excellent performance from the cast (Dan and Katie), in what is a very thought provoking film.

Barry S (mx) wrote: An incredible movie which illuminates well the view from the "other side" of the white man- black man team not usually shown in Hollywood cinema.

Jasmine V (kr) wrote: King Lear as a western starring Patrick Stewart...how can you go wrong?

rosina c (fr) wrote: I thought this movie was a lot of fun. ll the characters were amazing. the story was fun and entertaining. The music was good. And there was Morris dancing in it ( the Toronto morris men). I think it is miss labeled as a movie about the girl (Alicia Silverstone) i think it is as much about all the characters as it is about her.

Idy H (ru) wrote: The best car chase ever

Jonathan B (fr) wrote: Superb movie depicting the final few days of Hitler in the Berlin bunker. Downfall makes for fascinating viewing and is based on accounts of people who were present at the events depicted. Director Oliver Hirschbiegel weaves a story that shows the way in which the Nazi plans spiralled out of control as Hitler becomes increasingly deranged as the Soviet forces close in on Berlin. Bruno Ganz is superb as Hitler, chilling, charismatic and unhinged. He throws everything into his performance and it is perhaps unfortunate that one of the key scenes has been so often and effectively parodied on the internet as this detracts a little from the power of the scene. There are so many chilling moments in this film. One of the most affecting has to be the murder of her children by Magda Goebbels which is horrific owing to the clinical nature in which it is executed. This is a very fine WWII movie indeed and will not be for everybody but for anyone interested in the story of this conflict, it is a gritty and realistic account of historical events.

kiko p (au) wrote: intense. deep. raw emotions .

Luca D (gb) wrote: Il film la parodia dei romanzi gialli (alla Agatha Christie) con una serie di personaggi che ricalcano famosi ispettori. La commedia un po' sciocchina ma si lascia vedere anche tenuto conto dell'et che ha la pellicola.

Michael T (gb) wrote: Campy, fun blaxploitation.

Steve G (kr) wrote: There are some interesting things, here, but not much of a story.

Tim S (br) wrote: Black Orpheus retells the old story of Orpheus and Eurydice. It's set in Rio during Carnaval, and reflects the working man's views toward this event through song and dance. It's actually quite a beautiful film, and despite being shot in 1959, it looks like it was made yesterday. All of the colors on the canvas are lush and beautiful. The story is on the tragic side, of course, but you never really feel like you're watching a tragedy. Everything is so lively and exciting that it's difficult to get caught up in the emotional impact... that is, until the final scene. I wouldn't call this one of my favorite films or anything like that. Far from it, but I do appreciate it for what a fine film it is and its lasting impact on audiences, even today. It may have introduced Bossa Nova to worldwide audiences in a big way, but I walked away from the film caring more about the story and its characters. And in a film that spends much of its time with the music, that's crucial.

Jens T (jp) wrote: Out of all the three films in the highly acclaimed trilogy, I think that the second one, Aparajito is the best. Mostly because it has a wider range of characters and different places which is quite new for our main character Apu Ray.It gone some years after the first film ended, after the death of their oldest child Durga and the monsoon that destroyed their home. They have moved to a Benares. and lives near by a Ghat (steeps that goes down to the river) where the father works as a priest, while Apu is in school and learn english. But another accident occur, Apu's father dies. And Apu and his mother have to move once more, this time to a village named Mansapota, where Apu's mother have to works as a maid, while Apu is in school. This time he shows very good skills and the teachers are impressed, and gives him all the books he need to read and sends him to an university in Calcutta when his old enough. This means that he have to leave his home and the only family he have left, his mother whom he is attached to.The reason that I liked this picture better than the first one is because it's more traveling, both psychical and mentally journey. We cheers for Apu's future and hopes that he does the right desiccation and that he becomes a successes. So eager are we that we don't want his mother to ruin it all for him. What a great and engaging film. Thumbs up.

jay n (it) wrote: Average crime drama has competent players and a tight running time with some nice wry humour but it's pretty much run of the mill otherwise.

Tim H (de) wrote: Not funny, not scary, incoherent movie. A waste of my time.

Leonard D (jp) wrote: There is nothing here that does the video game justice! What the hell were they thinking!? Mila Kunis was not Mona Sax! All she did for most of the film was stand around with a vacuous expression on her face! Not even her beauty was enough to give a poor performance! Marky Mark was not a convincing Max Payne either! C'mon, if you going through the effort to make a dark noire type of action film, don't you think you would try and add the right atmosphere and substance in order to make us care about what happens in this story, or, lack there of!? My number one worst film of 2008! That's another ten bucks I will never get back!~,~,

Sara K (ag) wrote: Probably the most awesome film title I've ever encountered. But seriously, I'm never seeing a movie starring Shannon Tweed.