Tutiya Dil

Tutiya Dil

The Delhi-centric film is an unusually well-written take on heartbreak and friendship, featuring interesting, roundly developed central characters, for who you care, while disliking some, getting quite fond of some and sympathising with others.

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david w (it) wrote: a good documenary for fans of the band

visitorQ S (fr) wrote: crappy movie is crappy

Lee A (fr) wrote: Introduced this to the kids this weekend and they loved it. I've never heard so many "Oh my goodness!"'s from my daughter than during this show. There was some language and random nudity that I didn't remember being in there, but it was still a riot.

Nathan S (us) wrote: What a dull, boring, predictable satire. The only highlights are a couple of clever slapstick gags (but been done before). Oh yeah, the western scene was random, but the cinematography was very cool 60s vibe to it. This makes Star Wars a lot funnier than I remembered it, shame that this wasn't funny. Bad acting and lackluster scenes echoing boredom. Oh well.

Stephen R (es) wrote: Either you would find this to be one of the coolest weirdest awesomest interesingist artsiest of spy films ever or one of the most ridonkulous annoying and muddled....it was a good idea to let super nutso filmmaker Ken Russell have the third in the nifty (but sadly forgotten) Brit reluctant spy series about Michael Caine's Harry Palmer...the first and terrific Ipcress File was plenty weird and trippy on its own and humours, the second, Funeral in Berlin carried on more straight forwardly and Ken Russell comes in here, with Karl Malden, to trip it out....preposterous and silly but also fun and cool....Caine is of course laid back brilliant....wit the 70s knocking, the soundtrack is dope....helmed by Russell, the visuals are inventive and gripping...for an old movie in particular, this one should still appeal to film lovers and appreciators of the weird....

Gabriel C (it) wrote: Cars is mostly a harmless, light-hearted effort from Pixar, even if it feels too much like Doc Hollywood and Days of Thunder.

Nick U (fr) wrote: Blockbuster 8/9/13Liked this movie. Interesting story based on actual history. Fast paced and thrilling.