Tutta colpa di Giuda

Tutta colpa di Giuda

A prison-set musical about a female theater director who sets up a reinterpretation of the Crucifixion.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:102 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:religion,   prison,   dancing,  

A prison-set musical about a female theater director who sets up a reinterpretation of the Crucifixion. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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CASEY T (br) wrote: I mostly enjoyed this film because it was different from anything I have seen. However..the acting could have been better. Some of the law enforcement/FBI (notably the guy who had to watch all of the tapes and also the expert on how to cut up a body) were not realistic. The two I mentioned should have been much more serious and professional but they came across as carefree and slightly comical. The rest of the cast was mostly good. The victims were believable. The serial killer was average. I really liked the teacher at the Academy..he seemed like a real Profiler.I also felt the footage was too grainy and at times hard to watch because the quality was so poor. But an interesting an original story line. Worth watching if you are a horror fan.

Moore S (it) wrote: 800 ratings on IMDB? Really? only 800 people watched this movie (let's say a 1000), this is kinda weird. Under-rated movie by Ralph Fiennes' sister is pretty good. Since the name of the movie is Chromophobia, anything that had to do with colors was great. I find that 2 hours is a little long for this movie though. Really good actors, not sure to what extent the casting was perfect, because I could see other actors playing those roles except the one played by Rhys Ifans, he totally stole the show. Ralph Fiennes had a very limited character, while I never really liked Penelope Cruz and Damian Lewish, so fuck'em :)

Kria G (ag) wrote: i found the dvd of this movie in big lots' sale section. it was only $4 or so, but it was the best dvd buy.

Andrew T (us) wrote: What a great quiet quirky little movie I'd never heard of! Thanks, Cindy. The only problem was the beginning was so fun that the plot wasn't really necessary.

Vikrant K (es) wrote: Only for tha Climax you can watch the movie again and again

Giorgos M (au) wrote: This movie belongs to the great area of horrors and truly it has the right to be.For its generation was innovative and smart.The acting isn't so good except the acting of Sarah Michelle Gellar who is just incredible.P.S. I saw Scary Movie first and this movie after, so i was laughing the whole time.

Raymond W (es) wrote: Possibly the greatest Kurosawa film not filmed by Kurosawa. Zhang Yimou's masterpiece combines beautiful martial arts action with ingenious Rashomon storytelling in this historical epic.

Colton S (us) wrote: It was good until the freaking ending!

Dammy G (ru) wrote: Fuck yeah, I love Kiss!

Art S (ru) wrote: It is probably trite for me to call this a cross between "Kids" and "Valley Girl" but somehow that's what kept coming to mind (particularly after I stumbled across the latter film on cable TV in the US last year and was rather dumbstruck by it). Of course, recalling Altman's "The Player", maybe this really could have been "the pitch" that got the film sold/made. Or more realistically it was James Franco's doing, because the script is drawn from some of his short stories (somehow I shudder to think of them), he plays a bit part (as a soccer coach on the make for his high school girl players), and he also served as executive producer. Director Gia Coppola is, yes, Francis's grand-daughter but much like her aunt Sofia, she does seem to have inherited some talent (or at least learned from the family traditions). The film follows a handful of teens as they fill up their bored lives with parties and emotional problems -- so much so that I worried about their self-esteem for most of the movie. Much of their feelings remain implied rather than shown, however. And the languorousness of things (including the stylish cinematography) is only occasionally punctuated by abrupt reckless behaviour, creating a sort of tension that, instead of leading to some sort of screenwriting arc, ultimately dissipated leaving me, the viewer, to wonder what the point of this all was.