Tutte le donne della mia vita

Tutte le donne della mia vita

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:105 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:box office flop,  

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Tutte le donne della mia vita torrent reviews

Jim S (fr) wrote: I wish more people knew about this Gem. A good old who done it mystery with Constantine providing a refreshing change in tone for the justice league. I hope they continue to make more like it.

Matthew L (ag) wrote: The tag line sells it. 'Your Not The Only One Who Wants The Dead.'Other than that you get a fairly standard stalk and slash film that offers little in the way of surprises and brings nothing fresh to the genre. The fact that almost all the characters are so deeply unlikeable doesn't help you one way or another. You want them to die but get little pleasure from their eventual demises.

Paul D (de) wrote: Did not really like this movie. Was kind of boring. Robin Williams is in it, but very little and in a wasted character. This just wasn't for me.

Doug K (es) wrote: Happy to have Kate back

Amanda P (au) wrote: If you love Gray, you won't miss it, but you'll still be irked at Soderbergh needs to chop it up as much as he does. Still powerful and sad and funny, even if the majority of the footage is in terrible shape.

Monica C (fr) wrote: Terrible. Sorry, Rochelle, but I didn't like it. I love those guys, but I thought the movie didn't do that time period or relationships justice.

Noname (it) wrote: Great movie and if u like pearl harbor style and old planes u should see this one. One of the better movies lately in fact.

Luke M (mx) wrote: A film that may cause you to lose and regain faith in humanity several times within a few short hours, director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu balances the many shades of darkness to form Babel. With a haunting score and memorably tortured performances from Brad Pitt, Adriana Barraza and especially Rinko Kikuchi, Babel is far from comfortable but far from forgettable.

Cliff M (gb) wrote: This movie highlights how you can feel sorry for somebody who is clever, aimed to high, and became to proud to admit his mistake. It's down to McGregors likeableness that wins the audience over.

bill s (ca) wrote: Flails like a film drowning halfway through which destroyed which up till then was a good action thriller.

Randy T (de) wrote: Come on, what hot blooded, wire bra-ed bombshell wouldn't choose the dashing Robert Ryan over the lumpy Paul Douglas? Except, of course, when Douglas is a kind-hearted, lovable teddy bear and Ryan is a self absorbed, misogynist prick. Barbara Stanwyck was a master at playing flawed characters and her Mae Doyle is about as flawed as they come. Bad girl, good film, great actress.

Moose M (nl) wrote: These hosers made a good film, eh.