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Cyn Z (ag) wrote: Gripping!! A must watch for those interested in getting inside the criminal mind of John Wayne Gacy.

James C (us) wrote: Worth a watch for the quirkiness.

steve m (it) wrote: im actually in this film likee im the boy in the boat when the rowing boats being fiex at

ShawnRay M (mx) wrote: I think this is a movie that warrants a second viewing to truly understand everything. On one hand I like that they tried to capture the classic noir look and feel without going the Sin City route (not that I have a problem with Sin City)... but on the other hand it looked and felt too much like a student film. Also, for going for the 1940s feel, they accomplished it very well... except laptops just randomly appear. Given the subject matter, it fits the story, but when you tune into the movie blindly (as I did) it can be kind of jarring. For everything this movie does, it doesn't do anything exceptional save for capturing the feel of film noir, which makes an overall average movie-watching experience. The acting was just okay, the sci-fi/noir story was interesting, but like with anything dealing with what it was dealing with it got to be a bit convoluted. The composition, lighting, and editing were all great for capturing the feel of noir, but something about it just felt off to me.

Caesar M (br) wrote: I've decided to rewrite my review seeing how many spelling errors it had, but my feelings are still the same for this garbage. It's a waste of time and provides pain towards the viewer and it's usage of actual Holocaust footage is just shameless as it pays no respect for those who died in that tragedy. Jorge Ameer, more deserving of being called the worst director who ever lived, set out to make his most ambitious film. A gay Romance story that takes two people that met in the Holocaust and meeting again in modern time. I truely wish I was making this up, but sadly I'm not. It has everything you hate in movies and has nothing you like. There's so many things wrong with this movie I could litteraly spend all day writing about them. Like how Christopher met his wife and concieved Destiny, his daughter, by raping her (Destiny mother), and is also in love with Destiny fiance. This Christopher is the most unlikable Christopher in the history of cinema, he's also the world worst and creepiest father. What bother me the most is that Destiny is okay with it, she doesn't care that her mother recently died or that her father is sleeping with her fiance, not even one poorly writen arguement in this movie. Though one thing I have to complentment Ameer on is that he even screw up something as simple as the closing credit sequence, which takes like 7 minutes and is poorly edited as well. It's awful in the editing department and become apparent very early in the movie. In one scene where Christopher and his friend is telling him to go to work after his wife just died when all of a sudden. You have a shot of two naked men appearing in bed together for no reason. In a dinner scene the sound is messed up as you can't hear what the hell these people were saying. It also happens again in a scene that takes place on a beach as the tidal waves literally block everything the "actors" are saying. Then later on the beach it fades to a scene with no sound only to fade to the same scene with no sound, now that's poor film-making. The ending, is just tasteless, they say rape baby don't have souls and send the message that gay marriage makes you younger. Everything in movie has poor production values and no effort was ever put into it. I recommend if you ever find a copy of this movie that burn it! Burn it! Burn it! Burn it! If you ever find Ameer punch him for misusing Holocaust footage for a film that pays no respect to that tragedy. This is easily one of the worst if not the worst movie ever made.

Luthy L (gb) wrote: Stellan was so amazing in this. An incredibly powerful performance from him, and an amazing movie overall.

Aryana W (nl) wrote: It was a good movie.

Bart (ru) wrote: thats the name of a mall :O

Deke P (us) wrote: saw parts of it on tv. wierd discussion movie about a so called fascinating discussion.

cli o (au) wrote: nothanks not my kinda thing

Paul B (nl) wrote: In 1965, I was eight years old; for some bizarre reason, my mother took you to see this film. It made two indelible impression on me, chief of which is that from then on, all cement-mixing machines would be referred to as "gloppeda-gloppeda machines." Almost as important was its vision of early-1960s urban bachelor life. Totally unrealistic, of course, but after having seen this film shortly after having seen my first James Bond double feature, I'd never be one of the charms of country life. Tuxedos, martinis, jazz music, and European women were tastes I acquired right then and there. At this date, the film itself is a rather rusty satire on the "war between the sexes" trope, exemplifying the semi-mythical "Playboy" lifestyle. On the other hand, it has great performances from Jack Lemmon and Terry-Thomas, and a swingin' Neil Hefti music score. I still love it all, and it's certainly worth a look from you.

Devon B (de) wrote: This is an example of a bad movie.