Tutti figli di Mammasantissima

Tutti figli di Mammasantissima


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:86 minutes
  • Release:1973
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:female nudity,  

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Tutti figli di Mammasantissima torrent reviews

Al K (ru) wrote: Interesting... Pretty good

Joe J (mx) wrote: In Hollywood, a group of four privileged adults decide to do their own haunted Hollywood tour at night. They travel to some of the most haunted sites in Hollywood, and end up at a house where they become trapped and haunted by the spirits that live there. Or something like that.I remember the original film, and this sequel has 0 to do with it. They just wanted people to rent or buy it based on the title, but it relates absolutely nothing to the original. It's another stupid "found footage" film, and is quite possibly the worst of the bunch. The whole first hour isn't scary at all, and the final scenes are even less scary.

Andrew B (es) wrote: Not only is this movie unfunny but worse still, it can't decide what it wants to be. Funny? Dramatic? Or more often, just nasty.

Adam B (ru) wrote: The premise of this movie is really interesting; The first hour hooked me and made me really disappointed at what happens from there.

Arum Padma O (nl) wrote: Disappointing since I have huge expectation about this movie. It's trying to be sad and ironic, but failed to engage its audience. Even the thing that should be the twist is quite expected

Rawballs B (it) wrote: I was cheering again..

Anders A (ca) wrote: Early Murnau provides us with a slowpaced horror movie with barely any horror nor thrills. The story itself is neither to embrace. Thus those faces from the silent era which only the "europeans" can make, do shine here.

John B (jp) wrote: Typical James Bond movie with good action, stunts and an interesting story line. I like Pierce Brosnan as the next James Bond and this time his leading lady does some good action stunts too

Alex F (ca) wrote: Spielberg portrays brilliantly the situation of contact with aliens in a very realistic tone that in some moments more than sci-fi feels like a drama, the obsession of knowing what's going on, an all time classic and certainly one of Spielberg's best.

Adam S (gb) wrote: There's really not a lot to recommend in this film. Phillip Noyce has directed some good films ("Rabbit-Proof Fence" springs to mind), but he showed none of that potential there.I'm gonna say it, I lost interest about 20 minutes in. Sharon Stone's performance was dreadful, none of the other characters were given any room to move, and it's just a story that didn't need to be told.

Stuart P (kr) wrote: Reminiscent of a book called "Room" which I just read, except Bubby is significantly darker and more disturbed. The conceit of a man that has not left a room for 35 years allows de Heer to ask the question of who is the more disturbed - the society outside or the man isolated for all this time?