Tutti i rumori del mare

Tutti i rumori del mare

Set in the bleak underworld of the Hungarian and Italian human trafficking business, the story follows Nora, a young girl taken from an orphanage in Budapest to be sold on the streets of Italy as a prostitute. It becomes a violent race against time, as the authorities fail to track her down, Nora is taken on a nightmarish journey of fear and betrayal. Soon becoming live bate caught in the midst of two warring Mafia families. Her mysterious "transporter" may become her only friend and her only way out.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:Italian,English,Hungarian
  • Reference:Imdb
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A modern day thriller set in the bleak underworld of the Hungarian and Italian human trafficking business. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Tutti i rumori del mare torrent reviews

Saad N (ca) wrote: They just gave up caring after the first half hour.

Charlotte T (kr) wrote: I think I've only cried at a movie two or three times, and the last time was about five years ago, but I cried at this one. This is just my experience; I love the Beatles and John's story so dearly that seeing such a great adaptation skewed my real critique a bit.But anyway, the acting is amazing (my personal favourites being Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Kristin Scott Thomas and Thomas Sangster), and I really like the fact that the actors don't look much like their real-life counterparts, I'm glad they went with acting talent rather than how they look.


pritika p (nl) wrote: i love this movie so much.

Matthew R (nl) wrote: Interesting movie with a unique twist.

Aaron M (de) wrote: Stupid, cliche, and horribly directed. Glitter reminds us why singers should never get a film surrounding them and their "amazing" success. Glitter had many directions to go in the beginning and had many opportunities to save itself, but it makes the wrong moves and ends up burning. But it didn't have that much help from its horrible acting from Mariah Carey and its poor editing. Glitter may entertain or amaze die hard Mariah Carey fans and give them what they want, but everyone else would be sleeping, annoyed, or angry by this poor excuse for a film.

Rob K (es) wrote: Well done film. Christina Ricci once again plays the same type of roll, dark, mess up teenage, however, she does it so well. Small town in California, only known for the world's Largest ice Cream Cone, is where everything takes place. You have an evil corporation, lying and useless FBI and EPA agents, and six teenagers left to do whatever they want, including Ricci's character, who likes to blow things up. Kate Hudson also stars. The film is old, just over 10 years old, however that doesn't make it bad. This is yet again another every well done independent film. As I watch more and more independent film, i begin to see that most of them are better then the over done and tried film plots and stories that Hollywood keeps making us pay $13 bucks to see.

Sharon J (nl) wrote: Lovely, heart warming film, that touches many areas of the heart. I always prefer world cinema over modern films anyway and this film reminded me once again why I do. Beautiful locations, great acting, lovely story and as a writer myself, i connected with it.

jeannie m (ag) wrote: it is an okay movie..

David B (mx) wrote: Not bad but dull in places. Poor acting and no dramatic tension. Beautiful Okanagan scenery though. This was obviously somene's very personal project.

David P (us) wrote: Strangely crazy film with interesting vixen characters. Good cult film.

Kayla L (kr) wrote: these movies are not even good

jason l (es) wrote: Easily one of the best movies of all time. It's almost unbelievable how well the story fits together to make you want to run around and scream during the climax of the movie. #soundtrack

Inta K (kr) wrote: just as silly as first part

Shay D (jp) wrote: Warm, loving and bittersweet.