Tutto tutto niente niente

Tutto tutto niente niente

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joao c (us) wrote: It's different from the other doc's.Michael Moore with his own style trying to explain the concept of capitalism.Have humor and let us think.

Charles H (br) wrote: This movie was completely pointless and didn't do anything to add to the ending of the series except reinforce what we were already shown on the series finale.

Greg W (ru) wrote: not bad remake of the 1965 jimmy stewart classic

Grant H (es) wrote: Bad movie. Not scary, not suspenseful, hardly laughably bad, bad effects, bad screenplay, pretty much bad everything.

Zach M (jp) wrote: Not one of Pam Grier's best but still an enjoyable film.

Rob L (ca) wrote: It's an interesting look at WW2 and bombing. I enjoyed watching it, and if you like history about war you should check it out. It should be on YouTube.

David L (ag) wrote: Duck Soup is really well made and superbly directed and acted, featuring quite good music and excellent humor with superb dialogue and many instantly recognizable and memorable lines, but the second half of the movie is lacking both in terms of humor and storytelling and the war elements aren't as good. It is pretty good for the most part, but it eventually loses its steam which is unfortunate.

Chris R (nl) wrote: A great thriller, too bad there were sequels...

Mohamed A (au) wrote: This movie is legit, it made my friend want to cry a bit (he was going to cry but then he only managed to watch it in segments) so in conclusion if he were to watch it whole he would cry!

John Y (it) wrote: Great film about the early midwest.