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Rick Kirkham was a reporter for Inside Edition who appeared on a segment called "Inside Adventure". From the age of 14, he filmed more than 3,000 hours of a video diary; this included footage during his tenure on Inside Edition during which he was addicted to crack cocaine.

A man tries to discover his purpose in life after searching through 3000 hours of video and over 5000 photos. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jack S (us) wrote: The Killer Inside Me is really not very good. Casey Affleck could only be considered a big deal as far as last names are concerned, but really leaves much to be desired as far as acting. Jessica Alba proves again that she is more eye-candy than actress, and Kate Hudson was wasted. Also, the film never explains why no one ever found the gloves or smelled the gas, or why the "bum" made the decisions he did. It was really just a mess.

Nate G (mx) wrote: I'm just gonna say this once more - Larry the Cable Guy is NOT funny.

Andy W (us) wrote: Slow-going (but not in a good way) and whilst feeling 'real', it lacks moments of interest to mark it out from yer average indie flick.

Freeman M (mx) wrote: Further proof that movies and SNL don't mix. At all.

paige a (es) wrote: This was pretty cute, I guess. But I think it's just another civil rights film that doesn't really get emotional until the ending.

Senor C (au) wrote: The best part of Death Warrant comes @ the beginning. JCVD on the hunt for The Sandman is told 'this isn't Canada. We have protocol here'..or something to that fucking extent. People from around the world must think that the Canadian Mounted Police just say fuck the rule book & shoot the holy piss out of their perps. From the get go you know that this movie doesn't have even its pinky toe based in logic or reality. Hung over I took my alcohol soaked brain out to watch this but @ times it was too much for me especially the end. JCVD & the Sandman square off & the entire prison is out for Van Damme's blood because they find out he's a cop. So JCVD kicks the shit out of The Sandman (like only JCVD can do) & kills him while all the inmates look on..& what do they do? They all quiet down & let JCVD walk on by & leave. What they fuck? @ that point & time they should have ripped him apart. Anyways watchable for a JCVD vehicle but Im sure it's better when your drunk then recovering..& probably utter shit if you're dead sober

Rod B (nl) wrote: Brilliant... although I was brainwashed since my sister watched it several hundred times during the 80's. Great characters and a classic 70's music soundtrack from 10cc's Graham Gouldman to go with it. Still not available on DVD but you can watch the whole movie on YouTube.

Stuart K (de) wrote: Based upon the books by Hugh Lofting, this is a family musical where the nightmarish production was even more entertaining than what went on in the film itself. It was an attempt by Fox to cash-in on the success of The Sound of Music (1965), this and the following year's Star! (1968) would nearly bankrupt Fox. It was badly reviewed then, and it's not improved now, it's overblown and dull, and sums up all that was wrong with Hollywood at the time. In the English seaside hamlet of Puddleby-on-the-Marsh, Doctor John Dolittle (Rex Harrison) specialises in helping animals with various ailments, and he's able to talk to them. The film follows his exploits like getting into trouble with the law, selling a rare two-headed Pushmi-pullyu to circus owner Albert Blossom (Richard Attenborough), then travelling with Emma Fairfax (Samantha Eggar), Matthew Mugg (Anthony Newley) and Tommy Stubbins (William Dix) to the legendary Sea-Star Island. It's overlong and it's too complex for kids to follow, and knowing what happened during production overshadowed it, Harrison's ferocious drinking, the animals misbehaving, and trouble filming in Castle Combe and St. Lucia with rebellious locals. The songs are OK, but hardly memorable. Thank god the likes of Easy Rider came along.

Shaun T (us) wrote: (update 10/1/16: This movie is flawless; old me didn't know what the fuck he was talking about) I found this movie to be severely overrated. Granted, Daniel Day Lewis does by far his best work ever, which is really saying something seeing how great he's always been. I loved the score to this movie as well, helped build up intensity when it needed to. And there were some pretty intense scenes as well, especially when they strike oil. But there were way too many unnecessary scenes as well, in my opinion. I don't care how long it was, that didn't bother me, but it seemed that there were some shots, lines and scenes that were simply put in there to make it a little longer and to seem a little more epic, which it's not. Too many times I was left wondering "What was the point of that scene we just saw?" DDL deserves nothing less than the Oscar he's been nominated for, but as far as Best Picture, I think you could replace this movie with The Assassination of Jesse James, in my opinion the best movie of 2007. Overall, this is a good movie, but not a great movie, as I had hoped for.

Harsh C (us) wrote: Primarily a domestic violence drama but the power balance in the wider story is annoyingly illogical