Två människor

Två människor

When the prestigious Dr. Arne Lundell completes the most important work of his life, a colleague from the University of Stockholm, Dr. Sander, complains against him for plagiarism. Marianne, wife of Arne, does everything possible to encourage her anxious husband for not understanding the reasons for this unjust accusation. In these circumstances, Sander is found dead. It seems that it is a suicide, but his soon finds that he has been murdered. Suspicions fall on Dr. Arne. The dramatic situation begins to unravel when Arne discovers, by chance, a letter by which he discovers that his wife was the secret lover of the missing professor. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Moya W (br) wrote: I didn't find this movie to be anything special. It had a good storyline and I think I enjoyed it when watching it, but now when I have to describe in words what I thought of it I honestly don't know. I only really remember some images of the movie to be honest which just proves that the movie was quite forgettable.

Nicholas M (kr) wrote: Great action flick, with some food redneck humor.

scott g (nl) wrote: is this the outragous script that the other brother in adaptation the nicholas cage film, writes and is sure to become a winner, it certainly seems familier to whats discussed in adaptation. wether it is or isnt, it certainly isnt a classic or winner, but entertaining enough with some bad and crappy moments coming of okay, the film a cross between, saw seven, michael cera's 12 rounds, and others, check it out youll get something out of it, and for the adaptation link, im sure andy kauffman would have something to say

Peter M (ca) wrote: I love this film, its an old school simple tale of vengance with heart and atmosphere. One of van damme's best during the late nineties period.

Andrea M (es) wrote: Supposed to be a very good film...

Theo M (nl) wrote: Le Repos du Guerrier is the story of a problematic relationship between a decent rich girl (Bardot) and a carefree student and artist (Hossein) at the wake of the cultural revolution of the roaring sixties in Paris. As a metaphor for the clash between the establishment and the revolting youth culture this movie - to my mind - reached cult status.

Sean C (es) wrote: This is a good example of what an exploitation horror film should be. It has that gritty, sickly feeling to it, which I think is suitable for the content. In the end, it isn't a good movie and the acting is terrible, but it does have grindhouse glow (if you can call it that) about it.