Tvingad att leva

Tvingad att leva


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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:84 minutes
  • Release:1980
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Walter M (mx) wrote: After leaving law school, Jillian(Jess Weixler) spends most of her time hanging out with her friends back in her hometown. Waking up one morning after a night of drinking and socializing, she finds an empty cowboy hat in the bed next to her. Making matters even worse is her friend Nancy(Halley Feiffer) drafting her to hand out free samples from her ice cream truck all day."Free Samples" does itself no favors by starting with the very disturbing sight of Jesse Eisenberg wearing a cowboy hat. Even if it was not slapdash and episodic, the movie would have had a hard time recovering from that. Plus, the movie is forced in being judgmental in showing what Jillian's life would be like if she does not get her life back together, instead of being relaxed in respecting a character's need for a break. On the plus side, there is a very neat turn from Tippi Hedren but that comes too little, too late.

Lenny R (jp) wrote: Not entirely godawful, though definitely not entirely...not godawful. Peter Berg has somewhat more intelligence as a director than Michael Bay, but this is still a very overblown, Bay-ish effort. I found it a bit odd that the two all-American brothers are played by an obvious-accented Canadian and an even-more-obvious-accented Swede, but less odd than the fact that Rihanna didn't annoy me at all. The very idea that this movie is 'based on' the game (and that Hasbro is now apparently a film production company) annoys and infuriates me, but, while this is not grade-A cinema by any stretch of the imagination, it's not a total bust, either. So, in Battleship terms, I suppose it's a miss, but a surprisingly near one.

Kyle G (gb) wrote: A peppier (and yet, at the same time, duller) version of Adventureland. These both explore a ripe vision of post-college malaise -- terrible job or no job at all, the deluded mix of naivet and passion that follows "entry" into the world, and the bittersweet narcissism of the whole thing -- but Post Grad replaces Adventureland's authentic, glowering melancholy with a sugary simplicity right out of a Nora Ephron movie.On top of the already wickedly implausible premise (not one but two romantic possibilities, a car, a basic sketch of what to get and how, a healthy supply of vigor and drive, Alexis Bledel's good looks -- what DOESN'T Ryden have?), the periphery is dotted with crazy comic elements. Some of these work and some don't, but none have the the force of truth behind them.

keith w (de) wrote: mediocre film, an ok film but things such as 187, American History X all portray the internal conflict of urban communities much better

Stephen B (us) wrote: good movie... it gets 4 stars because i was peasantly surprised. funny, warm, cliche, and fucked up: rounds out the human emotional spectrum. would've gotten 5 stars if there were nudity and a guest appearence by flava flav. fuck you, cracker... my uzi weighs a ton.

Thomas K (nl) wrote: Ridiculously overblown but if you really love filmmaking you can't help but keep a spot in your heart for it.

Larry W (au) wrote: This film really deserves about 3 stars, but since the only other rating is 2, I thought I should probably counterbalance that. This 1970 update was about 7 years ahead of its time, though not especially compelling now.

Kyle E (fr) wrote: I want to see the producer's cut of "Halloween 6" out on DVD. This film is ten times better than the version released in theaters.The producers cut features a couple of alternate scenes and a completely different 3rd act of the movie with a different ending. The score is also different as its composed by the same guy who did H4, except this score sounds a lot like the John Carpenter score from the first 2 movies. The score makes this movie a lot creepier. this version of the movie is by far superior and its one of the best horror sequels ever.

Jessica H (br) wrote: The movie is what it tries to be, but it's not successful in greatness.

Dean S (kr) wrote: I liked this movie as I do with most films with Mark Wahlberg in them. Wahlberg kicks a lot of arse in this film and if you like your revenge styled movies then this is certainly for you.

Cam E (mx) wrote: A film with Raja Gosnell as director is clearly bad. I have seen some of Gosnell's other films and they are either looking good but very disappointing or obviously bad. Home Alone 3 is a prime example.

Jason D (ru) wrote: An up and coming lawyer saves a woman in distress and falls in love her but as the story progresses, he starts to realize that she has a very mysterious past, especially since people are after them. The movie winds up leading to a very big twist at the end that I didn't see at the time, but I'm sure watching the movie nowadays, one could easily see it coming. Pretty decent film. Good job from lead actor Tim Daly, and Kelly Preston was alright.