A young drug dealer watches as his high-rolling life is dismantled in the wake of his cousin's murder, which sees his best friend arrested for the crime.

A young drug dealer watches as his high-rolling life is dismantled in the wake of his cousin's murder, which sees his best friend arrested for the crime. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chris X M (nl) wrote: An interesting and compelling documentary about the state of health care in our country. This fast-paced and well-crafted film helps explain how the incentives in our system have derailed healthcare to become "disease-care." It also shows a few very personal stories about the importance of focusing on true "health care" and not medications or quick fixes. It's a smart film that is neither preachy nor political.

Patrick L (ca) wrote: God Send Me a Man features Robin Givens as a bright and sweet young woman in this ensemble work that appears to be either a situation comedy or drama that was televised or a filming of a theatre production. A family's four members love each other but have secrets from one another - the secrets come out in a disturbing confrontation and the family is ultimately reconciledto each other by the Lord. 8/10.Also on the same dvd (four films in total): Church the Movie is a fascinating, moving musical that looks at a small church in debt and with turmoil in the youth congregation and follows the return of the pastor's son from being in prison as he tries to make a fresh start, reconcile with others and avoid the old life. A very nice ending with miracles sprinkled in. 10/10.

Francisco R (jp) wrote: What can I say? It was really close to get a lower rate, but look, I liked it, but writers, you're not going to get away with it, if this movie wasn't called The Killing Room, I would name it Saw: Final Chapter Part 2. I do recommend other people to watch it. Will you like it? Yes, but you will defenitly have this thinking: "I have already Saw this". A real copy of Saw, even though some Saw chapters were worse than this. Sow, this is a good movie, but it's a giant copy.Jonathan Liebesman is the director of the movie, I can see that I don't know him at all but he must have some talent, but I have now seen that he directed Battle Los Angeles, that had mostly bad reviews, but still, he directed this movie well. Nick Cannon is an actor that I don't know an he was no big deal here, he had no amazing character or perfomance, Nick is known from one of the worst TV shows ever created, wich is Up All Night, he is also known from American Son, Weapons, Bobby and some other movies. Clea DuVall was the girl that had a five minute perfomance and she wasn't a big deal, Clea is known from The Grudge, Idenity and some other movies. Timothy Hutton was probably the most decent actor in here, he had a great character and a great perfomance, really liked him here, Timothy is known from The Ghost Writer, Kinsey, Serious Moonlight and some other movies. Sow, as you can see, this is just the main cast and the rest of it kind of sucks and the few actors that look talented, just vanish while the movie goes on. Mediocre cast.Four people sign up in a test that they only thought to be a simple government test. But the panic is set when they see themselves in a phorbitten programme where first there will be four people alive in a room, but in the end, there will only be one...(What I thought about the plot) Well, this is those kinds of plot that I like, a surviving thriller, and it worked really well here, but even though it has some cliches in it, it's still a bit fresh, it has some several interesting points and I liked the plot, it was well written.Soundtrack, well, this movie had a great soundtrack, I don't remember it that well but I do remember that this movie had a good soundtrack. Now, this is a thing that I really have to talk about, wich was how they filmed this movie, I mean, does anybody know how to carry a camera, I'm not sure if I was the only one who noticed this but in some parts of the movie, the camera work is just awful, they hired the wrong camera men.Besides all that, I am now going to tell you what I really thought about this movie. First of all, at the beginning of the movie, but I don't know, it was being kind of weird probably because of some poor actors choise, the actors really changed the invairment of this movie, even though there were some good perfomances in here. Sow, did I like this movie? Yes, I did, you can see that for my rating, but do I recommend other people to watch it? Well, it's complicated, this movie only leaves some people happy, we can see that from it's 5.7 on IMDb. Sow, if you watch this movie, you'll have a good experiment, like I did, you'll be thrilled and you'll defenitly want to watch the entire movie until the end. I found this movie to be really interesting and I think it could have a sequel, that I would want to watch. Overall, this is a good horror/thriller but it couldn't surprass Saw, this movie has okay perfomances, a good plot and a nice soundtrack, I recommend it because I know you'll get something good out of it. Watch it. Really good.Really good movie. Very recommended movie. Grade: B-.

Isabelle W (ag) wrote: Dois homens-bomba questionando se o suicdio prestes a ser concretizado mesmo a nica opo de resistncia. O final inesperado.

Sanna A (nl) wrote: I had just rewatched Brideshead Revisited when I saw this. Very interesting to see film adaptations of the same author's novels so close to each other. I liked Sword of Honour very much. Daniel Craig's character's thoughts and acts were not conventional, nor predictable. His character was sympathetic and multilayered. I admire Evelyn Waugh for having invented all these stories and characters.

Maddalena B (au) wrote: Lighthearted comedy that's good fun to watch!

Khaledsaudiarabiahotmailcom K (gb) wrote: hi good in TV i am like see in TV thank you

Justin M (gb) wrote: Probably Pryor's most engaging and energetic performance ever. If 'Sunset Strip' was him slowly finding his groove after becoming sober, this is him hitting the ground running. He finds his footing much more quickly here, firing off punchlines and throwaway quips with merciless precision. He handles interuptions from the audience with wit and cool. His material covers familiar ground, yet he brings such fresh verve and passion to the jokes that he instantly pulls us in. Plus, he has lost none of his talent as a shrewd social observer and commentator. The laughs, which are literally non-stop, range from giggles to belly laughs. It's a great concert film, one of the funniest I've seen

Greg W (gb) wrote: An exciting kidnapping story despite the routine plot

Roberto R (us) wrote: This is a classic old time movie. I really love watching Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas. They were the greatest.

Ted C (nl) wrote: One of the first casualties of the sound era, 'Sunrise' is an uneasy marriage of expressionism and hollywood that brings out the best in neither of them. The awkward shifts from agrarian melodrama to urban comedy and back don't work, nor do the abrupt changes in acting style throughout the film. Some bits would work in a different context, but almost every scene struck me as forced and most character actions seemed unmotivated and insincere. Though the camerawork was not impacted, the film suffers greatly from its limited use of diegetic sound, as the paleolithic sync score pales in comparison to modern restorations of the scores of many classic silent films. The craft behind 'Sunrise' is evident, but the result is hollow.

Rich S (au) wrote: Nice blend of action and melodrama! Good acting, good directing...a longtime favorite of mine!