Twenty Bucks

Twenty Bucks

A story about the life of a twenty dollar bill as it weaves in and out of the various lives of several people.

A story about the life of a twenty dollar bill as it weaves in and out of the various lives of several people. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daniel C (kr) wrote: An infuriating, calculating takedown of the justice system, post-9/11 politics, and the true nature of terrorism.

Randy P (es) wrote: Boring, no attempt at trying to keep my attention.

ZeldaGiygasLord 6 (br) wrote: Not a bad movie, and a very good adaptation of the series. There are a few bad moments, and I would have liked to see more than 4 of Ben's alien's, but it has some good action and the cast does a good job.

Brody M (ca) wrote: I was really expecting to like this mockumentary & at 1st I did but after awhile it just went from good to boring.American Zombie was a good idea & had a couple good parts here & there but it didnt have enough to keep my interest

Scott M (mx) wrote: i liked this movie. i don't understand why others r talking about. it's funny.

Charlie G (jp) wrote: Funny in some places. The whole movie is about a couple guys looking for condoms.

Grandma D (de) wrote: I used to wanna be a homeboy, now after seeing this cover and actually knowing what it means, I'm not so thrilled by the idea anymore.

Johannes J (us) wrote: Mike: "Everybody gets something out of every transaction."

David S (de) wrote: Nobody did chaotic destruction like Landis.

Bill B (br) wrote: Continuing a themed day of Vampire viewing, I was pleased to also give this re-make of the classic film a spin, and I really dug what Werner Herzog and Klaus Kinski brought to the table with this one.Well worth a look if you have the chance.

Joy H (kr) wrote: Just another Elvis movie - so-so

Paul D (nl) wrote: For fans of the television show, as it's not overly different with the comedy.

Kong L (us) wrote: DEMENTED | EXHAUSTING | TWISTED (80-out-of-100)

Derek G (kr) wrote: Another Griffith epic, kinda boring and lotta corny mostly, but I enjoyed it. I just wish the cornball country comic relief would have been a bit less. Stay with it for the insanely awesome last ten minuets, its one of those things you'd never see nowadays because its would be crazy dangerous for the actors and no studio would ever do it! Oh yeah, and Lillian Gish is stunning as usual.