Twenty Minutes of Love

Twenty Minutes of Love

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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:20 minutes
  • Release:1914
  • Language:English
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Charlie is hanging around in the park, finding problems with a jealous suitor, a man who thinks that Charlie has robbed him a watch, a policeman and even a little boy, all because our friend can't stop snooping. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Twenty Minutes of Love torrent reviews

roger t (gb) wrote: i'm actually an acquaintance of one of the stars in this film. it was campy fun, but i can't say i would recommend it.....

Colin M (au) wrote: Terrible. Fantastically terrible.

Sidnei P (jp) wrote: E no fim o personagem que mais gostei nem foi o principal.. Surpreso!

Evan A (ru) wrote: Its great to see that the smurfs are back, but the movie still sucks big time. (D+)

John R (br) wrote: This movie was amazing. No idea why the bad reviews. Cages best movie.

Muffin M (ag) wrote: coming soon to my movie collection...

Simon D (kr) wrote: does have some funny bits in it, Philip Seymour Hoffmann is very good. I've seen a lot worse. Not a classic by any stretch of the imagination though.

Kevin M (au) wrote: I am a sucker for any movie with Steve Buscemi in it. The one thing i really didn't like about this is the entire film looked like it was shot with the camera on someones cell phone. But they got these amazing actors. It was a good story though, very weird too.

Lori O (br) wrote: john cusackgillian andersonjohn cusack

scott g (br) wrote: salma hayak plays support in a early in career role, around desperado time, nothing special, apart from her looking stunning as usual,

IVRt (gb) wrote: the storyline soundz really cool :)

Luc L (us) wrote: A good antistructure comedy film.

Alfredo S (it) wrote: Spy Kids loses its quality with time, and gives outdated special effects, lame action sequences, and awkward actingPS: (Unbelievable how this movie has such a high-score, higher than LOTR The Fellowship of the Ring by the way, WHICH CAME THE SAME YEAR AS THIS SHIT)

Ian C (br) wrote: Re-watch. I didn't like this when it first came out. Enjoyed it a lot more the second time around. The great man has to babysit a Navajo who uses the Allies new secret code in the war against the Japs. The story is average but the action is top notch.

Yifan C (kr) wrote: Came for the R rating, got disappointed.

Sergio C (ag) wrote: Stupid acting, weird story, dunno why I enjoy watching it, Hot bodies, "What's wrong on wanting to be PERFECT? - Jessie"

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