Twin Sisters

Twin Sisters

Twin Sisters is an epic love story based on the Dutch bestseller by Tessa de Loo that has been read by more than 3.5 million readers in Holland and Germany.

Twin Sisters is an epic love story based on the Dutch bestseller by Tessa de Loo that has been read by more than 3.5 million readers in Holland and Germany. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jade L (it) wrote: Ce film m'a fait me questionner sur les centrales nuclaires. Est-ce exagr dans le film, ou bien les gens exposs se dsagrgent-ils ainsi? Quelle horreur! Pourquoi accepte-t-on que des centrales nuclaires existent?

Jamie T (it) wrote: not much to say about this one but it sucked

Steven B (de) wrote: Excellent film well written

Jay F (nl) wrote: Okay no idea when I saw this, but I think it was on TV late at night when I was suffering from a fever dream.It seems like the writer and director where also suffering from fever dreams because this movie is all over the place. Is it a teen sex comedy? A coming of age drama? A natural disaster movie? No clue. But there are all of these things in this movie (yes, even a natural disaster...A HURRICANE!)What it does have is a pretty solid cast...DOMINIQUE SWAIN (I don't even think she gives bjs in this movie!), Justin Long (Mac guy), Brad Renfro (former good actor turned meth face), and Jaime King (AKA James King AKA pretty but not that good at acting but I remember she got blown up in Pearl Harbor and like looked really glamorous and not blown up).Watch this is you're bored and it's on TV.

Tom D (kr) wrote: This is a good drama movie. It is just a few steps away from being a great film. The acting is very good, there are several good dramatic performances. The script has good moments but no real spectacular ones. Overall I would recommend this drama.

Thomas G (mx) wrote: Superb French "Cavaye" thriller! Roller coaster! Loved it

Art S (au) wrote: Mizoguchi's classic probably deserves to be seen on the big screen (and not the small one). I can only imagine how the peasant village, the fog on Lake Biwa, the haunted mansion and other period sets might look sprawled on that large canvas in the dark. Mizoguchi excels at the long shot, keeping his characters in context, as we watch them buffeted by forces (sometimes supernatural forces) beyond their control (but unleashed through their own actions). We follow two couples: Genjuro and his wife Miyagi who are potters and have a small son and Tobei and his wife Ohama who are laborers. Genjuro hopes to get rich by selling his wares during wartime when prices are high; Tobei dreams of becoming a samurai. Both end up abandoning their wives in their quests for money/power and find themselves somewhat quixotically achieving sexual and military conquests. Their wives suffer horribly (a Mizoguchi trademark) and, in the end, so do the husbands. This is a ghost story but that is only one part of the tapestry that Mizoguchi weaves of feudal Japan. The natural world that humans have constructed is just as devastating.

Spencer K (au) wrote: in my opinion, it's most definitely not as terrible as people say and definitely not worthy of a 5% RT score. while, of course it's not a great movie, there was somethings I did like. Katherine Heigl for example I thought gave a good performance and played a crazy, murderous, bitch pretty well. while it felt a little off at times, and it tried a little too hard, I enjoyed it for what it was.

Cathy l (ca) wrote: Very interesting and sad movie

Pierre K (br) wrote: Sean Penn Totally deserved His Oscar win Harvey Milk was a great man and I could not recommend this movie enough for people to discover how he impacted Unite state history for the better.

Timm S (kr) wrote: Quaint Tale With Magical Moments..But You Loose The Amazement As You Age & This Thing Definitely Does Not Age Well At All! If You're A Kid, It's Great Tho.

Stuart K (kr) wrote: From Filipino director Eddie Romero, who moved to America with Beast of the Yellow Night (1971) and Beast of Blood (1971), he took on this crime thriller, co-written by Jonathan Demme, (before he became famous), which was shot in the Philippines. It's a good film as well, lurid and bloody, but exactly what you'd expect from this kind of film. Set somewhere on an island in the South Seas, where there's a woman's prison which is ran by Matron Densmore (Lynn Borden), One of the prisoners Lee Daniels (Pam Grier) who is also the girlfriend of the island's biggest pimp and drug dealer Ernesto (Zaldy Zschornack), runs away while being moved to another facility are a group of revolutionary rebels, unfortunately Lee Daniels is chained to Karen Brent (Margaret Markov), whom Lee got into a fight with. Karen is one of the leads of the rebels, and they end up on the run, and Lee has made off with $40,000 of Ernesto's money. Even though they're in chains, Karen wants to go and fight the rebels while Lee wants to run off with the money, but it's not long before Ernesto is looking for them. It's quite suspenseful but fun and seedy as well, kinda like an exploitation version of The Defiant Ones (1958), but Grier and Markov play off each other well getting into unbelievable situations throughout the film. You won't get a film like this again.