Twisted Romance

Twisted Romance

Roberto is a bored young man living in the suburbs of Buenos Aires who begins a relationship with an older man named Raúl. Their romance takes a disturbing turn after Raúl catches Roberto with another man and turns increasingly abusive.

Roberto spots Raúl in the streets of Ezpeleta and begins to follow him. Raúl sits down on a park bench to read the newspaper, Roberto approaches him and asks him for the real estate ads. Raúl invites him to his house and a peculiar relationship between “the young one” and “the experienced one” begins. Reminiscent of Shakespearian tragedies, Vil romance tells the story of an impossible love amidst fortune-tellers, treasons and vengeances, in suburban the neighborhoods of Gran Buenos Aires. The intimacy and the abject poverty of the characters are presented in a straightforward and naturalistic way, avoiding moral dimensions. According to the director’s viewpoint, these spaces only generate hostility. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Felimon H (ag) wrote: What a wierd premise. Antonio does Antonio.. with all the wierd tickish actorly things that make him.. Antonio. Wouldn't it have been a better use of everyone's time to had made some actual historic narrative instead of this slightly whimsical happy-ending movie?

Gedalyah R (kr) wrote: This is hilariously stupid. Watch it and ignore the critics.

Roland S (us) wrote: I'm a mixed ba about this film. It's a bit pretentious, but I also like the risks Steven Soderbergh takes here.

Sarfara A (ag) wrote: I really don't know what to say about this movie. While I confess that not always movies should follow complete chasing after culprits, who should have kidnapped central characters. I find Nicolas Cage to be doing excellent job as detective, and Shirley MacLain is terrific at portraying former First-Lady (she was 10-15 years older than the character was written for). I would not call it slow or murky, but I should let all know that movie runs smoothly, without boring you. Contains few hilarious dialogues/scenes.

Arashi T (de) wrote: Another childhood favorite, though a little outdated.

Debbie C (it) wrote: Had a lot of fun watching this movie. Lots of good laughs and a good story.

Derek D (mx) wrote: This film almost lost me with how utterly annoying Eric Roberts is in it. But, he's an integral part of this story about family bonds and friendship and a burglary-gone-wrong in the center of it all. Rourke was a rising star at this point and showcased his trademark smooth style. Points also for Frank Vincent being in this.

Cameron H (mx) wrote: Marlon Brando said it himself in his autobiographical film that he felt he was the only qualified psychoanalyst for himself, to dig deeply into his character. That is precisely what Listen to Me Marlon is. Director Stevan Riley is left to fill in the pieces and follow true to Brando's vision of his own life. This vision is characterized as such: respect for the art of acting, disgust towards the consequences of stardom, attachment to the money necessary for getting away from the horrors of modern society. Whether or not Marlon Brando was as helpful to film productions as he claims he is, the toll that his reputation had on him -- that is, the fact that he had a reputation at all -- shows to be emotionally maddening. His most tragic moments in his later life were scrutinized by the public, justifying a further descent into gated isolation. A love for the art, even playing triumphant heroes who beat the odds and fight for the underdogs, turned out not to be triumphant in his own life, which tells a difficult truth that even Brando may not have always been able to mask.

Scott C (de) wrote: Not enough moments of suspense to be a great thriller, but the lead characters are exceptionally appealing and the Australian setting is refreshing.