Twisted Sisters

Twisted Sisters

Twisted Sisters is a dark thriller dealing with the personal struggle between two twins. Jennifer was given everything a girl could wish for, Norah learned to survive on nothing. Now it is time for the tables to turn. Locating, stalking and mimicking the life of her sister, Norah decides it is time that she had it all - and no-one will get in her way.

Twisted Sisters is a dark thriller dealing with the personal struggle between two twins. Jennifer was given everything a girl could wish for, Norah learned to survive on nothing. Now it is ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Armando P (ru) wrote: JJ started crafting the Sci-Fi genre here.

Joe H (ca) wrote: An intriguing and emotionally engaging film with a fantastic performance from Christopher Ruiz-Esparza as the kid with issues.

Johnny R (kr) wrote: absolutely horrible. gosh that was terrible. disappointed.

Lauri M (br) wrote: Positive surprise. Movie had power, even if stylistically it was a bit unpolished.

Olli P (nl) wrote: Watch this! It works!

Gina P (ag) wrote: I loved the movie! I thought it was very interesting and impressed upon the viewer that being so closed off to those who seem too different is a disservice one pays themself. definitely worth the 1.5 hours spent!

JamesMasaki R (gb) wrote: If you've seen "Casablanca", you'll be reminded of it a lot watching "Night Catches Us". The love triangle aspect, the past romance that never was, and the betrayal. But it is a very different story, and also taking place in 1976. Hamilton's debut is a very good drama, but it just doesn't have that extra punch that should have been. Yeah, the climax of the film is lacking which is the disappointment. But the score by The Roots and the nicely placed 70's soul songs make it an excellent listen.

Allan H (de) wrote: va fan e de fr skitfilm+

Brendan N (ru) wrote: typical ratner fluff, how people sign on for this I won't know

Austin W (fr) wrote: Perhaps the perfect comedy.

Rosie K (de) wrote: I thought this was a tearjerker and a great moving film; A law enforcement officer (Keaton) must stand up to criminal behavior in his "circle" of brothers. He steps up to the plate, when a widowed partner's three daughters lose their father in the line of duty; Rene Russo is a sweet actress who gives her all to every movie. She must play "stepmom" and doctor to the girls, who are so adorable and cute. This film tests the true meaning of Brotherhood and compassion. Bravo to Keaton and Russo on their splendid performance.

Timothy P (es) wrote: Not a good movie. But oddly enjoyable and (re)watchable due to the likable stars.

Andr (au) wrote: Review will be written when/if re-watched (Probability: Zero).First viewing: 31.03.1997

Byron A (fr) wrote: There was a time when Hindi Cinema (err bollywood) had wit, playfulness, and elegant manners. Hrishikesh Mukherjee made the best of these films. Gol Maal is one of his most famous. It is also his Only film listed on Flixter. I think I will remedy that (and my other Bombay friends please join in) This is one sweet film. Gol Maal is a comedy of errors set in Bombay 1979. Amol Palekar plays a football obsessed fan who gets himself in that common theme of Mukherjee's "the mistaken identity scam" only to get himself and all around him in a revealing round of humanistic social commentary.

Ian M (ca) wrote: Suck my deconstructionism

Andrew B (au) wrote: Frost/Nixon is a movie that is beloved by critics. A theatre play that is turned into a motion picture is sometimes hit or miss, and in my opinion this is a miss. And that is coming from someone like myself who is fascinated with Richard Nixon and this period in American history. First and foremost I know that Frank Langela plays the role of Nixon in the play on stage. I understand that, and he's wildly popular among critics and theatregoers for his portrayal of this complicated man. I really must be missing something here, because I just don't see it at all. There is nothing Nixon about him in the slightest. He doesn't look anything like him, he doesn't sound anything like him and honestly his portrayal of Nixon is really not authentic what so ever. Langela plays Nixon as a flawed but very arrogant and sure of himself guy, which is not the case. Nixon was not only flawed, but socially awkward, depressed, introverted, self conscious and flat out strange. The portrayal is just all wrong in my opinion. Michael Sheen does a fantastic job playing David Frost however and I highly enjoyed his performance. The movie itself for a hardcore Nixon or political fan of this period, is probably something right up your alley. But does this topic have enough substance for a major motion picture that spans 2 hours ? Not a chance. I found myself getting bored with this movie rather quickly. If you want to watch a movie about Nixon do yourself a favor and just watch Nixon by Oliver Stone, or go even a step further and watch the real actual interviews that this movie is based upon.

Mario M (it) wrote: Ethan Hawke is great as an obsessed cop, while Emma Watson is mediocre as an abuse victim. The rest of the cast does a very decent job. The story (a psychological/satanic thriller) is not perfectly conceived, but I did find it interesting and quite scary. Not a bad suspense movie.