Twitches Too

Twitches Too

Reunited witch twins Camryn and Alex adjust to their new life as supernatural beings while at the same time trying to maintain a normal existence in this sequel to the magical Disney Channel original movie Twitches. But they soon find themselves going head to head with the forces of darkness that threaten to destroy their world. Luckily, their birth mother, the powerful Miranda, is on hand to help out.

After using their powers to battle the forces of darkness, the twin daughters of Aron settle down to lead normal lives. However, the discovery that their biological father may not be dead, but residing in New York, causes confusion for the pair. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Twitches Too torrent reviews

Prashanth A (us) wrote: Very disappointing..Movie is not up to the expectation, V.V.V.slow...Deepika has carried it good... Today i was surprised to see we were only eight people in the theater..Two of them left the movie unfinished.

Jennifer M (es) wrote: Surprised to see such low ratings for this film. It produced several genuine laughs for me. Gerwig definitely has something special.

WS W (ca) wrote: Familiar, but not standing out.

Marvin B (fr) wrote: As horrifying as the first part with some questionable twists.

Neil G (es) wrote: Very slow starting but once gets going it's ok

Craig P (de) wrote: Legend, amazing moving movie!!

Michelle P (gb) wrote: Proof that even Stan Lee has a bad idea every once in a while, I guess...seriously, while I didn't expect this to rival anything else that he had a hand in(cough, Spiderman, Iron Man, cough), I at least expected it to be different. And it was...not in a good way, though. I'm sorry, but the hero just seems too similar to The Flash; I'm surprised DC hasn't sued for infringement. But maybe that's because Marvel didn't back it...and I'm not surprised that they didn't.

Donald D (de) wrote: Solid action horror flick. Better than I think most have given it credit. Definitely plodding at times, but holds up better than you would think.

Brian K (nl) wrote: One of Mr. Hogan's greatest movies

Amanda C (ag) wrote: There is something for everyone in this film. Every conceivable genre is at the very least hinted at covering everything from action, to romance, to comedy and everything in between. This could result in an incoherent and mess of a film, but instead comes across as an utterly charming and ridiculously fun two hours. The shear level of absurdity and excess is enough to make the film entertaining, but there is enough substance in the performances and design of the film to make it slightly more that cotton candy fun, but not enough to ruin the pure enjoyment.

LaDonna (br) wrote: Old School But Awsome!

Tyler W (ca) wrote: Krispin Glover Is Awesomely Creepy In This !

Matt M (us) wrote: A little girl is left behind by her gambling father as a collateral, but soon charms the hardened crooks and bookies with her childish cleverness, songs and dances. This was the film that turned little Shirley Temple into a star. The comedy itself slows down in the scsnes she is not involved in; though that decreases the enjoyment of the film, it gives a chance for Shirley Temple herself to show her on screen radiance.

Adam R (es) wrote: (First and only viewing - 4/13/2010)

Ben H (it) wrote: Solid adaptation. A proper gangster film with interesting queer angle.

Troy A (au) wrote: One of the funniest movies ever.

Franois L (us) wrote: Une sacr satire social sur fond de comdie enrag !! Jubilatoire !

Joel H (jp) wrote: The murder mystery aspect of In the Heat of the Night plays out like most of the crime dramas on television today. However, the added racial tension in the plot is what sets this movie apart. Even though there's an obvious message about racism in America in this film, it doesn't feel heavy-handed. It's debatable as to whether this was the best film of 1967, but it's certainly a good film.