Two Arabian Knights

Two Arabian Knights

Director Lewis Milestone's 1927 comedy follows the exploits of two American soldiers during WWI. Starring William Boyd, Mary Astor and Louis Wolheim.

Two American soldiers are captured by the Germans on the Western Front during World War One and escape a POW camp only to stumble into further life-threatening adventures when they come across an Arabian king's daughter while on the lam. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Two Arabian Knights torrent reviews

Amirah B (br) wrote: Hmmm... Not the best movie of Salman Khan...

Ian C (nl) wrote: Rewatch. Good dumb fun.

Burin K (us) wrote: Witty, romantic, sarcastic, absurd, surreal! I loved the movie... The story... And the music... Watched it already twice, probably will watch it a couple of times more...

Jennifer D (kr) wrote: Only the British could have a true story about two men who truly believe that only with their help can the British Army conquer their enemies. It is too funny to be true. If you like British comedy, then this movie is for you. I tripped over this film when I was looking for a WWII movie to watch and I have to say this is one of my favorites.

Anastasia (ca) wrote: Slow, bit bored (12)

Robert H (es) wrote: Bizarre and hysterical, just the way I like 'em!

Henrik S (it) wrote: One of the earliest if not the earliest school/teacher drama out there that deals with issues of violence, drugs, crime (attempted rape) etc. You got give the filmmakers credits for taking this bold step and Glenn Ford holds his own as tight-teethed teacher fighting against the odds. Of course, the depiciton of the kids is very one-sided and follow (or should I say established) the typical formula that is still being used today. Evil leader, good leader and the teacher who tries to win over the other while getting rid of the bad seed. Yes, the whole pro-America, hard-working man take is slightly annoying but then again, the film is from 1955 and that is probably what one has to expect. Apart from being one of the first of its kind, a solid lead performance and the charisma of Poitier, I don't see a lot of merit in her that warrants a rating above 2.5.

Brendan N (ag) wrote: great and original film, like so many sci fi family films attempting to find its feet in the 80s, this film is no exception. Flight of the navigator has strong character, an intriguing concept and just unleashes something really fresh. great for a trip down memory lane.

Bruno V (mx) wrote: Let's say seeing this for the 5th time or something didn't bother me at all , again enjoyed it ! SOMDVD