Two-Bits & Pepper

Two-Bits & Pepper

When bumbling look-alike criminal brothers Zike and Spider, kidnap best friends Katie and Tyler, the two girls must use their smarts and few booby traps to try and escape their captors. But...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:89 minutes
  • Release:1995
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:capture,   rescue,   horse,  

Comedy about idiotic (the two can't even add 1+1) kidnappers, both played for unknown reasons by Joe Piscopo, who capture two young girls and hold them for ransom. However, in "Home Alone" ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ben R (jp) wrote: A very slight movie, but one I really enjoyed watching. I'm always a fan of Mark and Jay Duplass and naturalistic-feeling mumblecore-type movies, so I pretty much knew I was going to like this from the beginning.A lot of the plot in the movie is reminiscent of other movies and TV - I'm particularly reminded of the TV show Married, which Judy Greer also stars in, and Togetherness, the TV show Jay and Mark Duplass created - but the actors and style keep it from feeling too redundant. That scene when Linda has her argument with Pat, it could come across as the obvious explosive argument that needed to happen, but when Judy Greer started crying, I was immediately invested, it felt so real. If there's a single person who contributes most to the quality of the movie, though, I think it's Jason Segel, whose facial expressions throughout do so much heavy lifting in making Jeff more than a stereotype. Just look at the little twitches in that great opening scene of him talking about Signs. There's this intense concentration on his face, interrupted by soft, sensitive smiles as he muses on the beauty of a movie and its message. Those facial expressions keep his character likable throughout, and he never comes across as naive or immature. He's a sweet, sincere guy.If there's something imperfect about the movie, it's the last act. The end of Sharon's story is really sweet. I'm less sure about the idea of Jeff jumping into a lake and saving some people's lives. I'm not sure I liked that they teased Jeff possibly drowning, though his line "I'm hungry" undercut the sentimentality a little bit. Again, these filmmakers are capable of making really cheesy and imperfect material feel real and genuine, so when Linda runs up to Pat and cries as she embraces him, I almost cried, even though the sequence seemed like a different movie in some ways. Still, it felt natural for Jeff to make an impulsive decision like that, and the determination on Segel's face made it believable.I also don't think we needed to hear at the end that the father he saved was named Kevin. It felt a little trite and predictable, even though it brought the story full-circle in a satisfying way, and if they wanted to show us his name was Kevin, I would've liked it in a slightly more understated way, like as an easter egg in the background of the news or something. I was a little curious what the exact meaning of the movie was, in the end; is the movie coming out definitively on the side of fate and destiny? It feels good to see Jeff's faith confirmed, but I'm always a little wary of endings that rest on the idea of "wow, everything is related!" or something, like in the movie Crash. Of course, I like this movie more than Crash, and if you could call it pro-destiny, it made that point in an elegant and understated way.

ric m (nl) wrote: Emily Blunt boobs. Need I say more?

Roy C (ag) wrote: Forget the same old documentaries on wildlife. Globetrotting the world in search of Trek is where it's at.

Ben H (es) wrote: The movie had an excellent cast

X T (ca) wrote: It's interesting to compare Hirokazu's first feature with his latest, both of which are concerned with how people mourn and reconcile with the death of family. Still Walking is shot mostly in static medium shots and closeups and relies heavily on dialogue while Maborosi features a great deal of long shots and its power derives from its gorgeous visuals. I heard that the style of this film was influenced by Hou, and clearly enough there is a similar shot sequence pattern, repetition of shots, and framing. Actually the empty shots sequences are like a synthesis of Ozu's pillow shots plus Hou's formal repitition. The dream prologue seems to be a homage to A Time to Live and a Time to Die. The cinematography starts out fairly ordinary and gets much better, the landscape shots are truly beautiful, and the scenes shot during dusk are eye-popping in their use of shadows.

Vanessa R (de) wrote: I love Guin Turner, but this movie was boring! For Guin-Supporters it's okay to watch it because she looked damn hot, but for the others it will be only boring stuff!

Leong C (ag) wrote: Unconventional, very sexual coming of age flick...

Michael T (it) wrote: A serving from the cheese plate for sure...But the film is actually clever in its spoofing of Conrads's Heart of Darness and APOCALYPSE NOW (with Adrienne Barbeau in the 'Kurtz' role and Shannon Tweed being sent up the river into the Avacado Jungle to find her).