Two Brothers and Two Others

Two Brothers and Two Others

Two brothers, one straight one gay, move in together after the death of their mother. They attempt to reconnect while the younger attempts to explore his sexuality in the "big city".

Two brothers, one straight one gay, move in together after the death of their mother. They attempt to reconnect while the younger attempts to explore his sexuality in the "big city". . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lui B (mx) wrote: This movie made me subscribe to RT. I can't believe it has 92% of approacl. I shall never trust this website again.

J B (ca) wrote: I believe the views.. Too many questions created once they attempt to answer I have a few questions... like was it worth it. For I bet the conductors would not allow anyone that would help them earn more money from the event to be in the middle of any combate. In which the so call 9/11 attacks created. I would be that is was all about the money/ oil. for them.. after all.. both bush and cheney had some part in oil companies From what I recall.

Private U (jp) wrote: This movie is seriously messed up.. but I have a whole new appreciation for spider monkeys haha.

Samuel B (au) wrote: The line-up works, and the humor is spectacular. A great sci-fi movie, and fun movie to watch for anyone who loves classic actors.

Sandro R (es) wrote: It will be too intense for some to stomach,but viewers with enough patience to get through, Requiem for a Dream will show sheer power and unparalelled honesty of its Story

Stephen C (jp) wrote: Stunk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bryan K (mx) wrote: Haven't seen it in years but I loved this movie when I was a kid!

Elise P (us) wrote: This is a hilarious and ridiculous film from Woody Allen. It's charm is it's bizarre combination of self reflection, satire and irony. I love the use of philosophical humour and melodramatic acting in a historical context with modern ideas which make this a prime example of Woody Allen's post modernism. Overall this film is silly and ridiculously funny, but sharp and intelligent as well.

Nate W (au) wrote: played a lot more straightfaced than most other films in the genre and plays out more like a mob movie like godfather or goodfellas. kind of weird seeing fred williamson this young and clean shaven. has a lot of next level shootout scenes and a killer soundtrack.

Scott S (au) wrote: It was interesting to see the serious film that "Airplane!" was based on. Almost exactly the same film, though'll still find parts humorous thinking of the spoof. Worth a watch.

Greg W (fr) wrote: good rom com that WWII audiences would have devoured

Sam D (ag) wrote: This is a beautiful film that shows us that life just goes on and on

Brad S (de) wrote: I saw and loved the original French-language film "Starbuck" which I felt executed everything perfectly for a subject matter that would be easy to go wrong with, and this American remake does. It is surprising because the original director adapted and directed this remake. This version also has 2 funny and likable actors in Vince Vaughn and Chris Pratt. It just feels different, like a simplified version of the stories, and it doesn't work. It gets a passing grade because i like the actors and it is a fascinating story, but I recommend watching "Starbuck" instead.

Gary Z (nl) wrote: I never saw this back in the era in which it was released so I think I miss out on the nostalgia factor that so many people draw on when praising it. I didn't not enjoy it but my overal review would boil down to "so 90s".

Brad R (mx) wrote: In the spirit of full disclosure, Matt was a student of mine in college. So maybe 4 stars is partly influenced by that relationship. This movie might not have played well on the big screen, but I rented it and watched on TV and found it enjoyable. It was not boring and I cared about the characters -- important factors when it comes to my movie-watching. Keep up the good work, Matt!

Jackson M (it) wrote: My favorite one out of the trilogy.

Harry W (ag) wrote: Monster's Ball holds the honour of boasting the first Academy Award for Best Actress to be given to a black woman, and since Halle Berry is such a talented actress it was something I definitely couldn't pass up.But Monster's Ball had quite a few issues in it.The atmosphere in Monster's Ball is strongly sad for the first hour of the film, and then after things become even sadder there is suddenly an increase in optimism in the atmosphere which is ridiculous considering the tragedies that have occurred within the first hour of Monster's Ball. There's a very brief period where things seem happy, but why is very strange.Monster's Ball doesn't really harness much of the drama that the character Hank Grotowski faces or even drawing a connection between him and Leticia Musgrove for having both lost a son until the last 10 minutes of the film. But Monster's Ball never let's us forget that Tyrell Musgrove has died whereas Sonny Grotowski is just forgotten about pretty fast. His character had a lot of importance and could have made the film better, but unfortunately he's gone as fast as he's come, so there's an issue.There is a lot of dramatic dynamics in Monster's Ball and not all of them are perfectly emphasised as they could have been, and the story doesn't really go far enough. It just feels a bit short, and for a story with such a high concept it doesn't really take advantage of a lot of its drama so that racism even becomes thrown aside as a theme that lasts for a very short period in the story. Although the film ends on an ambiguous note which leaves a positive sense of wonder for the future, it just would have been better if the story dealt with more than it did.The pacing was also pretty slow and the dramatics were more gripping in the second half as Halle Berry got more involved in the story, but much of the time the story didn't give Billy Bob Thorton much of a character which used minimal at his acting skills.Really the issues come from the premise because much of it is simple, predictable, stereotypical and nihilistic with random elements of optimism placed in there which makes the overall tone uncertain, but predominately sad.But still, I did enjoy Monster's Ball, mainly because of the actors.Aside from the cast, the direction of Marc Forster is pretty good because of how much he achieves on a meagre $4 million, even though at times he could have gone a little deeper into the story. The story is limited, but in all fairness he does well with the material. He creates a powerfully dramatic atmosphere for the story to work with.But again, the acting is what makes Monster's Ball memorable.Billy Bob Thorton makes a powerful lead and even though his material only requires him to make a routine effort in Monster's Ball, he makes a good one and ensures his character is strengthened by his casting.But Halle Berry is absolutely magnificent in Monster's Ball, at the unarguably absolute finest of her career. Dealing with seriously depressing drama as well as portraying Leticia Musgrove in various states of mind seriously well, Halle Berry shows off her raw talent as an actress which made her a hit in the first place and even goes beyond. It's a bold and ambitious move for Halle Berry to be appearing in Monster's Ball, considering how she's worked with the seriously dramatic material so well, as well as the sexually graphic scene considering that just early that year she made her first topless appearance in Sword Fish. She's just excellent and too memorable.And the chemistry between Halle Berry and Billy Bob Thorton is powerful because there is a sense of strength as well as an awkward feel that separates the two characters, and they work together very finely.Heath Ledger also shows off some of the acting talents that scored him an Academy Award nomination years later for Brokeback Mountain, and even though he only has a very brief role, he sticks out during the time of his appearance.Sean Combs also works hard at his drama within his very small screen time, and Peter Boyle gives a fine supporting performance by doing what he has found to be best at on cinema screen when it comes to portrayal of insensitivity and prejudice.Lastly, the unknown Coronji Calhoun works his rough material gently and gives a fine juvenile performance, and he has a really good presence on the atmosphere of the story.So Monster's Ball doesn't have the finest story and is inconsistent, but mainly due to Halle Berry's raw performance it is too good to pass up.

Anthony B (gb) wrote: Screw that TV show this movie is entertaining and awesome.