Two for the Seesaw

Two for the Seesaw

Jerry Ryan wanders aimlessly around New York after giving up his Nebrascan law practice. His wife asks for a divorce. He meets Gittel, a struggling dancer from Greenwich Village and they try to sort out their lives. An extended conversation piece with a static camera, but reflects the moral climate of the time.

After leaving his wife, lawyer Jerry Ryan moves from Omaha, Neb., to New York City to start a new life. There he meets the charming bohemian Gittel. The two hit it off, if only physically at first, and begin an affair, but there are several factors conspiring against their relationship. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jennifer O (gb) wrote: It really wasn't that bad. Their were some parts that were lacking but overall a decent b-rated flick. It pains me to not see the parents reaction in finding out they killed the wrong man.

Karsh D (fr) wrote: Joe orton farce adapted for the big screen, and by and large it works thanks to the work of Lee remick, Richard Attenborough and hywel Bennett.

Terri H (es) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested.

Aiyush B (de) wrote: Awesome movie, but I would've liked a happier ending. People who couldn't understand what the hell was going on in the movie need to read/watch more chinese mythology! It was a good movie!

Adam R (gb) wrote: (First and only viewing - Summer 2008)

Anton T (fr) wrote: I saw this at the film festival of Ghent in 1998 and I liked it a lot. Great movie about naivity and hope.

Brad S (jp) wrote: I haven't seen the entire movie, I'm not even sure if this is the right one, but it has a great quote...

Venkatesh G (it) wrote: If you want to know how a fascinating premise written by a cult author can be messed up by amateurish writing and uninspired direction, you gotta watch this film ...after reading the novel " The Last Castle Rock Story - Needful Things" written by Stephen King.I can't blame the talented cast as they do their best with whatever material they were given. Its evident in the film.

Anthony C (ru) wrote: one of the most underated horror movies of the 80s and in my opion steve miners best film. not afriad to takechances an has a goodoringal story. recommened for fans of horror

Virgilio L (au) wrote: More direction less than anticipated

John C (us) wrote: A greatly underappreciated caricature of an industrial transitioning to information age America, Shock Treatment has aged well. Beginning with a medicalization of fundamental life stuff (identity/purpose/conflict) immersed in a comercial context and set to a soundtrack that itself represents abrasive cultural transition, Shock Treatment predated by decades Mad Men as an exposition of a nostalgia for Americana that was lost even at the time (and possibly never existed). Midwestern American values collide with commercial influences with an unrestful and disillusioned youth set to the back burner who find sympathy only in the current adult generation's outcasts, themselves wrestling with a heavy past and struggling with their identity and legitimized only by a sober sage from an isolated intellectual tradition. Produced with effects and visual balance to represent the Leave it to Beaver collision with MTV, I cannot imagine improving upon technically it as it is without robbing it of its historical imprints. The cliche devices of evil twin and elevation to stardom for no good reason are playfully yet effectively delivered illustrating potential outcomes of personal choices. The status of sequel to Rocky Horror is separable, yet blissfully referential to fans with many delightful subtones. Finally, few films are (or have since been) produced with such catchy, coherent soundtracks scored only for them. Imagine if Mad Men (or Breaking Bad, or any other recently produced social commentary) had a memorable, original soundtrack that you could hum the next day.

Steve W (jp) wrote: This Zatoichi film features the classic line: Darkness is my ally. Other than that, its simply an average outing for the blind swordsman. Zatoichi is attacked mid-transit while seeking employment, and finds himself be bodyguard to an woman who was raped by her lord. Criminal gangs are after her and him for various reasons, and it ends in a rather generic battle. Despite the solid opening and chemistry with the female, this Zatoichi outing is rather pedestrian.

Mike V (jp) wrote: Based on the The Philadelphia Story (1940), this romantic comedy is thoroughly entertaining from start till end. It contains a stellar cast and features outstanding performances, especially from Mr Cool Crosby. The screenplay is quick and witty, the sets are bright and attractive, and the songs are clever and memorable. Louis Armstrong tops off this musical comedy. My favourite film of 1956.

Jim H (fr) wrote: After undergoing psychotherapy for damage caused by her domineering mother, a woman meets a dashing man, but his marriage complicates their romance.Paul Henreid. Why would Isla choose Bogie over you? She certainly wouldn't if the "you" in Casablanca was the epitome of charm that the "you" in this film is. Lighting two cigarettes without breaking eye contact and flipping one around to a lady, you rock the forties definition of masculinity. And Bette Davis. You weren't always scary looking.This is an exceptionally charming but wrought film. All the high drama is played to its highest, but the plot takes the easy way out of some of its conflicts. Most notably, instead of Charlotte confronting her mother about her childhood and the two coming to some kind of cathartic compromise, Mom dies so the love plot can continue. And the love plot resolves in an equally unsatisfying and convenient manner.Overall, the performances by the leads are wonderful, but the story is too convenient for my liking.

Benjamin M (gb) wrote: The first of the "Orphic Trilogy" by Cocteau.

Jenn M (gb) wrote: another example of when a description makes the movie seem a lot better than it really is. I was really pumped to watch this but wow it was disappointing. plus there were some parts of the ending that didn't make a lot of sense or were way too outlandish ti be true

Michael T (es) wrote: Coyote Stupid is a more apt name.