Two Gates of Sleep

Two Gates of Sleep

After preparing for their mother's imminent death, two brothers go on an arduous upriver journey to honor her final request.

After preparing for their mother's imminent death, two brothers go on an arduous upriver journey to honor her final request. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matthew P (it) wrote: Mildly entertaining and goes to some dark places. These actresses have fun and so do we.

Li P (au) wrote: This movie is unexpectedly funny. I expected Paul Rudd to play the same character he always plays but he was actually quite lovable in this movie. Zooey Deschanel was another pleasant surprise, meaning I actually liked her acting for the first time.

Xavier G (it) wrote: The first impression is that this is a very sensual movie with two beautfil and naked actresses. And this is true. Moreover, the story becomes an revision of the "Before the sunset" for teenagers, for a more grown-up audience. A roller coster of emotions, I just loved the script, Elena Ana, Russian Red on the soundtrack and, once again, Julio Medem. My favorite Basque director and one of the most talented in Europe.

Sujal S (mx) wrote: Awesome. Simply awesome.

Shane M (ag) wrote: Very beautiful, and sad. This movie is filled with symbolism and emotion. Loved it!

Melissa T (jp) wrote: Great movie! Well acted!

Jacob L (de) wrote: Titanic is a Brilliant recreation/retelling of the 1912 tragedy in which countless people lost their lives when the RMS Titanic collided with an iceberg and sank to the ocean floor. The movie Is just simply divine to look at with stunning HD imagery on the big screen and is extremely well acted. The connection between the two main characters is simply classic, and the drama is some of the best I have ever seen since the great Shakespearean tragedies. This is a must-see for historians, romantics, and film fanatics worldwide. I give it a well deserved 5/5 stars.

Rod G (fr) wrote: An cuando su rating sea ms bajo que su predecesora "Gremlins 2: The New Batch" supera a dicha entrega no solo con mejores animatronicos sino con comedia que rompe la cuarta pared y llena de referencias a la cultura pop que la hacen tan entretenida como nostlgica.

Marischa B (us) wrote: It's not often I find a well scripted movie these days. Most are badly written and try too hard to be "modern" or "edgy" in order to try to get laughs in the crudest way possible.Well this movie is a refreshing respite from that sort of thing.When I looked into seeing this movie it had a rating of 7.0 on IMDb. There was only one review and it was a good one.After watching it, I gave it an even higher rating than that because I was not expecting much.Boy was I surprised. What a pleasant Christmas story and what a cast of musicians! Very worth seeing especially this time of year.By the time I watched it, the rating had dropped below 5. No more reviews, just lots of 1 ratings to bring it down. This is what happens when you make a movie that shows what the majority of the country believes in. We get the far left haters who give it a 1 without ever watching it, just to bring the ratings down presumably because they hate Christianity.Well, don't fall for the low rating. It will probably go down more as more far left Christmas haters find out about it, but don't be deterred.I'm glad to say that good family movies are not gone. Hope we get more.

Jonathan B (de) wrote: The writing/directing debut of HIMYM's Josh Radnor is a mixed but generally positive bag. The performances are good and I think he does a nice job handling an ensemble piece, which is no easy task. The main fault is the writing, which veers too often into melodrama and isn't as insightful as it would have you believe. An apt comparison would be the 'B' version of Zach Braff. Granted, if you're not a fan of HIMYM to begin with, then there's a good chance you still might not like it, but as a huge fan of the show I was welcome to see Radnor try his hands at more serious territory.

Victor M (mx) wrote: A satirical and juvenile sci fi film with some touch of body horror

Clif H (au) wrote: Dark. Honest. Incredibly well acted.

Kevin M (br) wrote: This movie is additional proof that critics are emotionally stunted beings and are deserving of our pity. They don't like sentiment, despite sentiment being the basis of many of the greatest works of our species. Is the Taj Mahal no less beautiful because it was built out of sentiment? This is a lush and marvelous film on many levels; visually, spiritually, and in terms of the wonderful performances. This is not just a movie to see, it is a film to study and contemplate. It is an homage to life, love, and courage.

Shauna H (br) wrote: Come on people. This IS a classic for horror fans. The ending rocks!