Two in the Shadow

Two in the Shadow


Mikio Naruse closed out his career in 1967 with Scattered Clouds (aka Two In the Shadow aka Midaregumo), a mix of melodrama and tragedy involving two people drawn together in a socially impermissible relationship – Yōko Tsukasa plays the wife who finds herself attracted to the man (Yūzō Kayama) who killed her husband in an accident. Between the quality of Tsukasa's performance (and her extraordinary beauty) and the presence of the near-iconic Kayama, the movie has more than its share of cinematic virtues, and makes a satisfying swan-song for the director, who died two years later. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jessie W (br) wrote: On the ironies of life... Not the most immediately appealing film, but somewhat worth chewing over. Tries to get across some pretty deep stuff -- just does it in the driest way. One quote I will remember: xi huan jiu shi fang si, dan ai jiu shi ke zhi.

Nathalie B (nl) wrote: Bonne histoire, superbes paysages parfaitement films, on accroche mme si le film est assez lent, mais c'est la fin qui me doit normment car pour moi, il n'y en a pas et a a le don de m'nerver !

Kenneth P (kr) wrote: I think this one's going to be good. I've seen the other ones.

Cameron F (ru) wrote: Silly comedy starring Chase as a family man living the suburban life but looking for excitement. In comes hard and tough cop Palance who along with his partner uses the family home for a stakeout.

Robert S (de) wrote: One of the worst holiday movies I've ever seen... with one of the greatest Santa Claus's I've ever seen... WHAT!?

Robert B (ru) wrote: House of Games is one odd thriller. The world it takes place in feels empty; the whole thing seems to happen during off-hours. The vibe is on the laid back side, and carries the suggestion that one relax and be charmed by a bit of showmanship. Yet the film watches quick; the dialogue is all about making contact and moving the action. The delivery is artificially clever and dramatic. The characters feel so distant that I was not going to rate this up much, but then thought about it and realized the film still has a lot of good points to it. Recommended to those who enjoy character studies and a good magic trick.

Kevin B (nl) wrote: Obnoxiously unfunny.

Clay B (br) wrote: SANDS OF IWO JIMA (1949)

Dani C (ca) wrote: looks kind of like mortal kombat. the description sound cheesy, but i sort of want to see it.

Johanna J (ca) wrote: Burt was my favourite when i was a kid <3

Joe M (it) wrote: Good, but not up to the same level as the first and second films. Stephen Rea just didn't rise to the villainous heights of Bill Nighy and Tony Curran in the other films. Also, the lack of Jeff Speedman was a let down.