Two Jacks

Two Jacks

Jack Hussar is a legendary Hollywood director, whose persona commands respect and adoration from his fans. Can his son, Jack Jr. maintain his legacy?

Jack Hussar is a legendary Hollywood director, whose persona commands respect and adoration from his fans. Can his son, Jack Jr. maintain his legacy? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason C (es) wrote: Finally got around to watching this and it is a must see for any hip hop head.

Luigi T (jp) wrote: a very simple story about jealousy and trying to rebuild a life after bad stuff happens in the past.

Fatimah S (ag) wrote: seru..seru.... hehe lucu skalii menghibur.. dan ternyata memang harus ada usaha jg yaa jgn hanya meninggu..

Jenn T (kr) wrote: Yup there were hot people, yup they died, it was lame.

Chermaine B (ag) wrote: this movie was so stupid that it was ashame

James B (gb) wrote: This film was straight up retarded. The bike sequences were ok, but this film is really stupid. Maybe catch it on tv to burn time.

Kieffer W (it) wrote: There are so many movies out there that it is hard to watch an original idea. While I was looking through netflix I was excited to find a movie about a paranoid child that is scared of the creature that comes from the dark, oh how wrong I was. This movie has the worst acting, the worst script and some of the most out of place scenes. I laughed when the monster walked towards Ryan in the hallway because it started to play heavy rock music, in my head I was yelling EPIC BATTLE!! (Showing that the music was totally out of place.) The only thing that I actually found good looking was the faces coming out of the wall which looked actually good, I was pleasantly surprised by that for the 30 seconds it was shown (therefore the only reason it is more than 10%), then I went back to disappointment. Another concept ruined.

Chanel M (ca) wrote: I really enjoyed this film. It has a great soundtrack, hilarious moments (especially with Jack Black) as well as touching moments. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Will B (us) wrote: This was the one with Ving Rhames in it, right?

Andrew K (fr) wrote: This film should not exist.

Tina S (ru) wrote: Poor River, what might have been...

Carlos M (au) wrote: A bold film for the time it came out, but it seems like a pathetic excuse to explore the beauty of sweaty masculine forms as some cheap soft-core gay porn, with terrible acting from everyone (delivering their lines in a stiff Latin) and amateurishly photographed especially in the night scenes.

Keith A (gb) wrote: Amazing performances and great music.

Denny S (br) wrote: Bacall and the Duke -- hell who could ask for more than that???

Logan M (ag) wrote: Giving Best Picture to "Goodfellas" would have been gift wrapping cinema's top prize.

Troy F (ru) wrote: Fun movie! You can barely go wrong with Joe Dante films when it comes to great special effects and decent entertainment.

Maxx D (fr) wrote: Let's get this over and done with...this is in no way a movie. It's a Metallica live video held together with some bizarre 'story' sections that probably only sum up to 10 minutes of non-music footage. If you want a decent narrative, watch something else. However if you love Metallica then definitely give this a go. The DTS soundtrack is AMAZING, probably the best I've heard Metallica and the visuals really sum up what it's like to be seeing the foursome at their finest. Loses a star for Lars' stupid gurn-y face.