Two Laws

Two Laws

Documentary outlining the culture clash in law between indigenous Australians and white European settled Australia.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1982
  • Language:Aboriginal
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:police,   oppression,   racism,  

Docu-drama outlining the culture clash in law between indigenous Australians and white European settled Australia. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James S (au) wrote: Im a bit disgusted in the poor reviews to this documentary. It may not be the best directed and it is a bit slow and boring at times. However there are some very important facts that all Americans should know and understand. Its full of facts though it does have some preductions based on expert opinions that may or may not be completely accurate. However it is factual enough that anyone who watches this should feel the need to be a part of the solution. Which starts by giving this a 5 star rating and sharing it with whom ever will watch. Remember United we stand and Devided we fall is what made us great and powerful. If we dont unite and fix the issues pointed out in this documentary. We can surly risk falling

David Ray G (it) wrote: The Nickel Mines school shooting is one of those I remember the most vivid. Because it was so human. A milk man shooting children because his newborn daughter died years ago. Mindless and silly choice, but you can understand his pain. And the Amish are such mind-boggling a people. Like they have no emotions, like they don't experience pain or loss, like they didn't care enough. If someone killed my child I wouldn't forgive him no matter how much time passed by. And these people forgave the killer pretty much...immediately? It's just confusing.Anyway...the film isn't a particularly good one. Pretty cheap production, and typical of a straight-to-TV movie. Simply okay. Informative and touching, but not deep enough or believable enough. Just facts with a little drama sprinkle - nothing special.

Paul D (jp) wrote: Great selection of human stories defying the Communist system in Romania. Humerous, it matters little if they have evolved from urban myth as there is a sincerity in the film-making.

Audrey L (de) wrote: This film is a depressing coming-of-age story based upon Newfoundland author Joel Hynes' first novel. It's gritty and dirty in the depiction of the main character's plummet from small community- troubled teen to a drug and alcohol addicted young man bent on self destruction.The author portrays the main character quite well and has some promise as an artist and author. I have'nt read the book but the film is OK...It's immature in development and chock full of cliches but this young man does a decent job of portraying his main character's angst and eventual enlightenment. A very good first project...

Hiro P (nl) wrote: Great doc about Khyentse Norbu, a Tibetan Lama. As a student of Buddhism, it's really cool to see a master who takes a very modern approach to his teachings. Basically the film follows Rinpoche, the Lama, as he travels around the world, from a World Cup game, to Sept. 11th, and finally back to Bhutan. The filmmakers are students as well, and are trying to learn from the Lama, studying everything he says and does as it trickles through the modern filter of our world. "When the iron bird flies and horses run on wheels, the Tibetans will be scattered across the earth like ants and the dharma will come to the land of the red man."

Michael M (ru) wrote: My fav of the trilogy.

Debbie P (nl) wrote: Unforgettable is an ok thriller starring Ray Liotta as a medical examiner who was acquitted for his wife's murder. It had a great cast including Peter Coyote and Linda Fiorentino. It was a good concept but unfortunately not one of Liotta's better films.

Li O (gb) wrote: wow. so ridiculous. war games but cheesy. and some totally unnecessary nudity and graphic violence which makes a movie that would appeal to young teens to making it not allowed in their house

M D (de) wrote: Cult film director Alex Cox??s so called spaghetti western punk comedy is a fantastic romp through essential cult elements. While promising creative profanity it failed to deliver and in what should have been a fantastic experiment failed to perform as such. Trying to be too much it comes off as a bit of a mess. Courtney Love is as unbearable as ever.

Arpan M (jp) wrote: finally watched one of the most controversial film of all time ! didn't get why it is compared with 'last tango in paris'. it comes nowhere near to the bertolucci film. but its probably the boldest and sensuous film japan ever produced.

Felix V (us) wrote: Nice blaxploitation movie!

Paul T (jp) wrote: This was a little strange.

Simon L (us) wrote: Decent enough move to keep you entertained but the pace is a little slow for this type of movie, also some actors are very stiff and look to be disinterested at times.