Two Meditations

Two Meditations


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:9 minutes
  • Release:1979
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Two Meditations torrent reviews

Nathan M (nl) wrote: A passionate and detailed history of a fascinating band.

Jamin M (au) wrote: I think this film is outstanding. It's beautifully animated, action-packed, and very dramatic with an epic feel. The story is very well written. It's not a rehash of the first film. It builds on it. It expands on it. It continues the story like a good sequel should. It's not only as good as it's predecessor, but it's better. The voice acting is wonderful as always. It's abundant in genuine emotion. It's intense, serious, and even dark. The only problems have with the film is one: it could've used more humor, and two: the villain isn't extremely interesting. The movie is mostly dramatic, and that's okay. I like animated films with lots of drama. But if a film studio is going to make a sequel, it needs a just as serious predecessor. The first film has a lot of funny moments and I was exited it see more in this, but it's mainly just dramatic which, like I said, is completely fine. I was just expecting more than what is given since the first film is hilarious. The villain, while having a cool design and menacing intentions, is a bit too cliche. He's sort of just your typical "take over the world" kind of villain. Even his backstory is a bit bland and rushed. He's not bad, he's just not that engaging. On the bright side, at least we have an actual villain in this in contrast to the first one. Despite this film's couple of issues, How To Train Your Dragon 2 is great. It's an epic, amazing, satisfying sequel to a series that's getting better

MelitaLouise H (mx) wrote: I want to see this movie.

Jason H (br) wrote: Enlightening, to say the least.

Lee M (kr) wrote: Teeters on the brink of soppiness in places, and treads a well-worn path with an overabundance of sub-Jarmusch deadpan humor and pathos, but is lifted by its towering performances.

Vulcan S (kr) wrote: if ppl look at the plot as it is, its like any other chick-flick they see every year, but the story-telling, sequences and direction really breath in fresh air to its life; letting ppl see the backstage of emotions. I love the new directions, presentations, and symbolism. Definitely an empathic drama, Romantic drama many shall say, but really, its "only a story about boy meets girl." it doesnt really answer many questions, just provides a more dynamic look on things.

Ryan L (nl) wrote: Loved this. A dispicable middle aged man learns the ways of kindness after growing wings of an angel. It's style took me a moment to get acquainted but once there the mood was rightfully set.

Gav R (it) wrote: it's just original and brilliant

Luke R (us) wrote: After visiting Budapest I found this such a good film

Amanda F (nl) wrote: A light-hearted romantic comedy set in the mid 1920s surrounding football getting its start. It follow the lives of 2 football players a lady-reporter from the Tribune. The plot was a little weaker than it could have been. It was done well and portrayed the 20s well. The acting was good for the parts to be played as well.

Mia L (au) wrote: love judd and all his movies. i asked flixter to put this on here. =D

Jim S (nl) wrote: While not up to the Pixar level of animation, this is still a fun little movie with effective voice work and direction.

Jose S (es) wrote: Qu (C) tan lejos est Herzog de su personaje principal, Fitzcarraldo? Nada, por eso ambas pelculas (Fitzcarraldo y (C)sta) funcionan tan bien.

Ali A (au) wrote: A story of Oedipal tensions, flawlessly fashioned.

Oliver H (au) wrote: ...great film on current issue of extremism - how those with no criminal record, or obvious links to terrorism, turn toward extremism today! Worthwhile - see it! :-)

ken h (es) wrote: will u put any twilight and Madea on flixster for free just for 4or 2 weeks

Kenny N (jp) wrote: No stars. I hate this movie. I've seen it several times due to watching it with RiffTrax audio commentary, and each time I see it I find more to hate. And yet everyone else seems to love and praise it as some groundbreaking achievement in horror. This rinky dink production ended up grossing millions at the box office. And that confounds me, because we have more found footage horror movies than we know what to do with. Surely we could have found a better one to throw our hard earned money at in theaters. ("Alone With Her," for starters.) The leads are obnoxious and unlikable. I'd call them "amateurish," but that's kind of the point in the "found footage" genre of filmmaking. But this thing doesn't scare me at all. I figured out this thing in 10 minutes, and the movie does nothing to make getting there half the fun. So I gladly give it no stars. I won't bother with the sequels because I doubt they'd impress me any better than the original.

Scott R (br) wrote: Interesting, but not one I want to see again.

Shar B (mx) wrote: Hmmmm......can't get that 104 minutes back.