Two Men in Manhattan

Two Men in Manhattan

Two French journalists become embroiled in a criminal plot in New York City involving a disappeared United Nations diplomat.

A French UN delegate has disappeared into thin air, sending reporter Moreau (Jean-Pierre Melville) and hard drinking photographer Delmas (Pierre Grasset) on an assignment to find him. Their only lead is a picture of three women. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shawn T (kr) wrote: Do not expect great depth, just a fun time at the movies with this film. I've seen it a few times now and the campiness and characters keep me wanting more. It's great to see more visibility of Asians in the media but more importantly, it's great to see gay Asians portrayed in several dimensions. Stereotypes aside, the film is at once, farce and social criticism, so I'd advise viewers not to take the characters or plot at face value.

peter h (de) wrote: CULT MOVIE MONTH REVIEW #:032 CYXORK 7 [2006]: One of the best things that Troma has realised on to DVD, This Low-Budget Satire comedy of the Hollywood System, Independent Films, Generic News Networks, Bad Sic-Fi movie series, Sic-Fi fandom and the struggles in the movie Business, CYXORK 7 is a smart and cheesy comedy that really take a huge swipe at modern cinema. Ray Wise Stars in this film as the washed up hero of the CYXORK movie series in which the 6 sequel CYXORK 7 is being shot out in the desert of California prior to a huge earthquake. Everyone involved in the project like the young and ambitious female director, the grouchy cinematographer, the annoying and generic entertainment reporter, a bunch of CYXORK fans, the vain art house screenwriter and the washed up hero are in a deadly position when the ground starts to shake and the camera start to role. My rating for this neat and possible future cult classic is a solid 70%.

Joey F (ag) wrote: This movie is by no means perfect. There are actually some pretty bad scenes, but damn it if I don't love it to pieces anyway. I never get tired of watching it with my family. It just kinda transcends its own shortcomings somehow. It's a classic; what can I say?

Brian F (us) wrote: Delicious women (Darian Caine, Misty Mundae, Anoushka & Sharon Engert) make this one better, at least, than the Planet of the Apes remake.

Sofia A (de) wrote: pelicula de las casualidades de la vida ! buenisima :-)

Cade H (gb) wrote: Sleepless in Seattle is a classic romance movie that was a bit different then I had expected. Most romantic films show a relationship build, have its downfalls and then culminate in a big love-fest at the end. Sleepless however had a slight twist to it and that made for a fun, yet predictable viewing. The film was very funny, mainly thanks to Tom Hanks and his son who were jokesters throughout. I never really felt a strong connection for the two, maybe it was because they only...wait I can't give the plot away, thats part of the fun. I can see why this is a classic movie and I did enjoy it, but it wasn't up there near the top of the romance movie mountain.

Kevin S (au) wrote: Don't waste your time! Unless your a Katherine Heigl fan it's useless.

Marcus W (ag) wrote: The first challenge the viewer faces is keeping awake...