Two Men In Town

Two Men In Town

A convict is released from prison in a small town in New Mexico. 18 years ago he killed a deputy. The then-and-now sheriff seeks revenge.

William Garnett has a second chance to build his life when released from jail after 18 years. With the help of parole agent Emily Smith, Garnett finds a job as a bank account as well as stays away from violent problem. However, Sheriff Bill Agati still considers Garnett as a threat to the community and he makes a plan to get Garnett back to prison for life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sepehr H (gb) wrote: A terrible low budget crap .... Very disappointing with no plot and poor cinematography.

Karsh D (br) wrote: A dark and twisted indie version of groundhog day where 3 drug addicts discover that their actions in one day has no repercussions.

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Jordan R (mx) wrote: A great and very touching movie about the cruelty of primitive society. The first time director does a great job of pacing this film, which could have been very boring and depressing.

Elaine D (jp) wrote: I wonder if this one is good? Must be with Anthony Hopkins in it.

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Sean W (ag) wrote: This one pretty much throws out the play book and plays it by ear making for a pretty zany and memorable movie.

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