Two Mothers

Two Mothers

The unexpected difficulty of becoming mothers through the means of artificial insemination slowly erodes the relationship between Katja and Isabella.

KATJA (43) and ISABELLA (37) decide to beget a child. The married couple agrees on not wanting a third person to have a say The sperm... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Deadly V (jp) wrote: Fuckin' waste of time

Michael O (nl) wrote: Not half bad. Good acting & better written than most movies in this genre...

Jonathan S (gb) wrote: I've seen some rotten zombie flicks that seem to think that tidal waves of blood and gore can cover over shoddy scripts and production values. This Serbian horror is a cut above the crud showing some deft ideas (navigating a building site populated by prone undead sunning themselves? Works for me) and some novel camerawork.This is a C list move no doubt, but I didn't feel the rental was wasted.Known as Apocalypse of the Dead in the UK.

Shon C (es) wrote: Finally got around to seeing this. Mad respect to design people. I could never do what you do. Helvetica for life!

Dani M (us) wrote: With his gravelly voice and weathered face it's hard not to be enraptured by a Nick Nolte performance, and although this is not the best venue, he steals every scene.

Zeke C (br) wrote: [PARAGRAPH INDENT]I can still vividly remember, years back, watching the epic sword and sandal film "Troy" with Brad Pitt. Now, if you've grown up in the West, you can't help but know at least the spirit of this story. That was certainly the case with me; even now I haven't read the Iliad, though I know the basic points. And it was a good film, though I can't help but wonder if someone of the East would intrinsically understand it as well as I had.[PARAGRAPH INDENT]The single most epic, foundational story of the East is undoubtedly "A Romance of the Three Kingdoms", an 800,000 word novel compiled (largely from oral tradition) sometimes in the early Ming Dynasty by Luo Guanzhong. It's (an apparently remarkably historically accurate) romanticized retelling of the Three Kingdoms period from 169-280 CE, one of the most chaotic periods in history with 34 million vanishing from the census.[PARAGRAPH INDENT]Anyway, in China this book has spawned an incredible amount of superfluous media, from video games to graphic novels to anime shows (Japanese) and one of the most ambitious and costly television series ever made ("Romance of the Three Kingdoms", a 1994 production directed by Wang Fulin and others, which used over 400,000 cast and crew members, including divisions of the People's Liberation Army), and of course film.[PARAGRAPH INDENT]"Red Cliff", which has been compared to "Lord of the Rings" in terms of its scale and ambition, recounts the Battle of the Red Cliff, directed by John Woo ("Mission: Impossible 2", "Face/Off"). It was released in two parts, and is almost five hours long.[PARAGRAPH INDENT]It is an astounding cinematic feat. John Woo has really outdone himself here. The battle scenes are as majestic as they are eloquent, the massive navy shots superb, even the CGI is phenomenal. The martial arts are excellent but still realistic(ish). The characters (despite their vast multitude - and the fact that I only retained two names) are all expertly crafted and brilliantly acted. This is a marvellous film.[PARAGRAPH INDENT]This year I'm going to treat myself by dedicating some time to reading "Romance of the Three Kingdoms", but I know this to be a novel that needs to be appreciated before I begin. The version I have, complete with all its notes, is nearly 2000 pages. Since I know very little about the Three Kingdoms period, I wished to get familiar with some of the history before I begin. "Red Cliff" was where I started. I think it is the perfect place to start, and I'm not disappointed.[PARAGRAPH INDENT]The Battle of the Red Cliff is perhaps the most crucial battle during this period, and perhaps the most important in Chinese history. It was fought between Prime Minister Cao Cao, a warlord bending the weak will of a puppet emperor to his own, with a force of reportedly 800,000, versus the Southlands alliance between Sun Quan and Liu Bei, rising in rebellion against not the rightful emperor, but the warlord Cao Cao. They had only 50,000 troops.[PARAGRAPH INDENT]The film is, as I say, exceptional. Every detail is immaculate. They have impossible epic war scenes shot in panorama, tremendous naval battles, superb acting, solid impetuses for their many characters - it gets into Confucian loyalties to the state and the dynasty and the horrors and self-contradictions of war. It is subtitled, and it is 288 minutes, but it's entirely worth it.

Nels N (kr) wrote: Depressing look at how addiction and bad luck can destroy a promising life. Marty Sader undergoes an amazing (and unhealthy) physical transformation, and the acting from the leads is good, but the film sorely needed an editor.

Jeff B (br) wrote: The balancing ending was the only thing saving this from being complete self-loathing garbage.

Blair K (us) wrote: heartfelt, charming, funny movie. small movie but worth seeking out.

Myriane B (ca) wrote: Une comdie sur trame de fond nazi? Dfi russi! L'humour n'enlve en rien au drame de l'holocauste, au contraire!.

Ben T (gb) wrote: This has to be one of the worst films ever made. Singing werewolf party, really?

Becca D (it) wrote: A cute Shirley Temple film.