Two Much

Two Much

A young gallerist is in love with two sisters at the same time. In order to solve the problem he decides to invent his own twin-brother.

A young gallerist is in love with two sisters at the same time. In order to solve the problem he decides to invent his own twin-brother. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Grant H (it) wrote: Great movie. Fairly funny, very powerful, with surprisingly strong performances from LaBeouf and Tatum.

Quinn L (br) wrote: oooo. a movie with usher. watch me run.

Derek H (it) wrote: barney needs more bjork. if not, then its just boring

Stacy P (mx) wrote: I got a kick out of it

Mirta N (es) wrote: Pues me gust aunque sea la obra cumbre de bergman

Harry W (us) wrote: As Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror is one of my all-time favourite horror films and Nosferatu the Vampyre is a remake considered to be a horror classic also, I found it to be an absolute necessity that I see the latter.The thing about a remake like Nosferatu the Vampyre is that it serves as a remake of a black-and-white silent film and yet is in colour and has actors talking, so the experience of the two films has a lot of difference. Director Werner Herzog knows this and decides to take certain elements from the original film and add in his own touch to the story. The thing is that he maintains a lot of what made the original film great and expands upon it which is just what a good remake needs to do. For instance, it relies very little on dialogue which maintains the silent film style of Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror, and Werner Herzog cleverly implements it in through a subtle way which renders the style of the film powerful and therefore is of a much more classical horror form. Nosferatu the Vampyre is reliant less on dialogue than it is on atmosphere, and in a generation which tries to create thrills through excess of blood and gore instead of atmosphere most of the time, it is great to look back at Nosferatu the Vampyre and realise what horror films are all about.The extensive scene where Jonathan Harker journeys to Count Dracula's castle shows off a lot of the powerful visual elements and it establishes the atmosphere for the film. In these scenes, Jonathan Harker is alone and isolated from the rest of the world, approaching a location he has been told to avoid yet going ahead and doing it anyway, and the film really encourages the idea that he is alone and distant from anyone else in the world. The scenery gradually grows more and more grim which makes the mood of the film feel even darker, and so Nosferatu the Vampyre has an atmosphere which develops at an excellent pace and is full of excellent development, so Nosferatu the Vampyre proves that Werner Herzog is a mastermind of storytelling. The story of Dracula has been told countless times and has gotten stale for me by this point, but the atmosphere in Nosferatu the Vampyre and the haunting way that it separates itself from other adaptations through its film style is just stunning. Nosferatu the Vampyre is one of the most innovative adaptations of the story Dracula to date, and as a remake of the horror masterpiece Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror it is one of the finest remakes that I have ever seen.Nosferatu the Vampyre is a serious technical achievement for Werner Herzog. The scenery in Nosferatu the Vampyre is masterful and the production design is also. While maintaining a grim sense of grey in its colour, it also reinforces the time period of the film. So it is convincing as well as dark, and the sights of the film are pretty nice, such as the depiction of the Borgo Pass and Dracula's castle. The film has a subtle sense of colour underneath the greyish tones of the film, so it has a great visual aesthetic to it.The cinematography in Nosferatu the Vampyre is powerful. As well as capturing the stunning scenery and production design of the film, it tends to keep things distant from the characters as part of a classical film style. Instead of spending so much time zeroing in on their facial expressions, most of the time in Nosferatu the Vampyre the cinematography keeps everything at a distance as a way of encouraging the feel of isolation in the movie. The characters seem so distant from us, and that reinforces a feel of general distance from everything. We are in two universes, the one we live in and the one in the movie. We are separated from everything and view it from a third person perspective, just was we did in films from the classical era.But one of the best visual elements of Nosferatu the Vampyre is the design of Count Dracula. All the characters in the film have great costumes, but none of them look precisely as chilling as Count Dracula. Instead of taking on the look of Dracula from many other adaptations, Werner Herzog continues with his intention to pay tribute to Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror and bases the design for the character off of Count Orlok. The result is amazing and so chilling that it is the source of so much horror in the film. While it is not as effective as Count Orlok because he had a stare which pierced the screen and looked into the soul of viewers, it is still chilling in its own way. It is a very eerie appearance which is creepy and accurate due to dedication to detail in his face and his hands and such. There is one scene where he stares at the audience and he achieves a similar effect to the one Count Orlok did. It isn't as effective, but it is still powerfully haunting. So the design of Count Dracula in Nosferatu the Vampyre is spot on and unforgettable.The subtle musical score of the film also gives the film the appropriate intense mood. It is used at the perfect moments to make things in Nosferatu the Vampyre feel intense in a very darkly manner. It was a nice touch and although the film was not over-reliant on it, it used it at key times to ensure that the atmosphere achieved the necessary feel.Klaus Kinski is just perfect in the role of Count Dracula. He has a few lines in the film, but most of the importance comes from his physical acting. And in a role made famous by Max Schreck, he manages to breathe some refreshing life into the part. Giving a performance of near identical quality, Klaus Kinski captures the eerie rat-like nature of the character and combines it with his haunting ghoul elements and creates a perfect identity for the figure. He looks spectacular in the role and acts his way through it powerfully with a constantly haunting stare and tricky little movements in his hands and facial expressions. Klaus Kinski is perfect in the role of Count Dracula and gives one of the best performances as the character to date.Isabelle Adjani has a natural beauty to her which makes it easy to see how she becomes the product of Count Dracula's affections, and her line delivery is great because she constantly seems in a state of fear without going melodramatic about it. Her performance shows her ability to creat energetic charisma in dark territory which she manages to execute very powerfully. She has a natural charm and sophistication in her part, and she creates a fearful character very well.Bruno Ganz was also terrific as Jonathan Harker because of the way he had a subtle heroic nature to him which didn't overthrow his own form of realistic humanity and instead was simplypresent as a subtle theme within him. He develops and changes as the story progresses and does it at a very impressive rate, gradually. Bruno Ganz stands strong for the majority of the first half of Nosferatu the Vampyre, and even in the second half where he receives much less screen time he makes a firm impact with his character. Bruno Ganz does a great job.So although it doesn't precisely measure up to the quality of the original, Nosferatu the Vampyre is a stunning and bold remake thanks to a powerful cast and excellent direction from Werner Herzog which makes it the greatest remake I have ever seen in my life.

Gary B (fr) wrote: Very Funny. Grocery store scenes are best.

Scott C (mx) wrote: Sometimes funny, but quite depressing film about poor life choices destroying even the most privileged in society.

Dmitrij D (ag) wrote: Good action\adventure, my childhood movie. If you want to spend your time after job or something else, just watch it-you won't be disappointed.

Juls XD H (kr) wrote: it's a good adaptation of the book with good visual effects

Dax S (ca) wrote: Kind of a dated story, more like from the 70s.

Jason M (nl) wrote: Cruise as a "good" Nazi. This film is a testament to the true bombing assassination attempt on Hitler. It is good that this film was made. Although it is a good movie and history lesson, there is some element that is missing from making this a great film. I was pondering this issue, and realized it was Cruise who was simply miscast in the leading role. An actor such as Brannaugh would have elevated the status of this film substantially, from its "forgotten" status today. Cruise just doesn't seem to be the stuff of the high-ranking Nazi officers that Hitler would have in his close circle, despite looking similar to the protagonist in real life..The reality of the story does not make for a typical fairy tale Hollywood ending. But then again, this is the real world being depicted and wartime at that. A good film for history buffs.