Two O'Clock Courage

Two O'Clock Courage

After nearly running over him with her cab, Patty Mitchell picks up a fare who claims to have amnesia. As he fumbles to remember the basic facts of his identity, Patty becomes interested in the stranger and decides to help him in his search. But as the pieces of the puzzle begin to fall into place, and Patty's interest becomes more personal, the stranger finds that he is the prime suspect in a murder case.

After nearly running over him with her cab, Patty Mitchell picks up a fare who claims to have amnesia. As he fumbles to remember the basic facts of his identity, Patty becomes interested in... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Timothy A (au) wrote: In the tradition of Grindhouse, just not in a good way, this recreates all the worst parts of the video nasty era (like confusing small budget mise-en-scene and design) while largely missing the mark on the elements people hold affection for. For all the gore, there are a couple of quieter dialogue based scenes that actually do achieve the "is this a dead on parody of crap or just actual crap?" that the rest of the film aims for and misses.

Melissa H (au) wrote: Although it was hilarious to see hot Akshay Kumar get a "makeover," the plot of this movie was not only ridiculous (traveling in time to manipulate your parents into love?) but illogical (not sure what merited the slow mo and dramatic music sometimes).This gets two stars for the music. A couple of fun ones. I suggest you check them out on youtube and skip the flick.

Millo T (gb) wrote: Very interesting to watch it now, a) in a time when all the freedom about trade has allowed a crisis that can collapse the system, b) because with so many demonstrations, this is a manual of how not to do things -either by the police, authorities or demonstrators. It takes characters from everywhere, sometimes from a very predictable way, but in any case, a good approach.

danni c (mx) wrote: The best family film in YEARS!!!! The three kids in the film are like real kids today. One is a typical bully, the other a new kid in town who is very smart and very nerdy. The girl character (Emily) stands up to the bully (Toddster) and befriends the nerd (Gavin). They go on an adventure that involves pirates, treasure, ghosts, funny bad guys chasing them, and last buy not least, they find an adorable creature named LABOU. There is a good moral to the story, but most of all, it is a lot of fun! The kids in my neighborhood are all talking about it and watching it over and over. Good clean fun! It's going to be a classic.

Nathalie M (ag) wrote: I was so depressed after seeing this movie but it's life and I'm so glad I saw it. Sometimes is just what you need (a clear reality check and life). Kate Beckinsale and Sam Rockwell give AMAZING performances. The young story was great too. I'm so glad David Gordon Green made this movie as realistic as possible. I'm sooo tired of hollywood happy endings and this is refreshing cause life isn't easy and some of us live in a bubble.

Loren R (it) wrote: Ein gut gespielter Thriller mit einigen erotischen Aspekten. Leider fehlt es an dem Film an Fahrt und Spannung. Man trdelt ein bisschen herum und es geht lange, bis man zum Punkt kommt. Aber so ein Film zwischendurch, ist nicht schlecht.

Adam H (ru) wrote: Standard fayre. The archetypal bros on an adventure, one-dimensional baddies, enough laughs for it to be passable, but nothing we haven't seen before.

Noah M (es) wrote: If you thought Highlander 2 was bad then you haven't seen Highlander: The Source.

Cally N (ag) wrote: I wood like to see it

cody n (es) wrote: This movie is so dumb I feel asleep over 1/2 into it. Noted for being George Clooney's first film role and he dies First! Not recomended.

Dave J (de) wrote: Wednesday, September 25, 2013 (1995) Clockers DRAMA Adapted from the book by Richard Price which centers on a young African American pusher or "Clocker" named Ronald 'Strike' Dunham played by Mekhi Phifer and his involvement with the death of another suspected dealer Darryl Adams (Steve White). Homicide detectives Rocco Klein (Harvey Keitel) and Larry Mazilli (John Turturro) are then assigned to this case. It's one of those movies which viewers have to hold their assumptions until the very end since the events are not what they appear to be. Also, this can also serve as a backdrop to the living conditions within the ones that want to do well and the ones who don't since much of the focus centers on people living around a particular apartment/hotel complex. What works in this film are the showcasing's of actual exchanges within this group of drug dealers as well as the slangs, and that the investigation of the murder is probably the weakest element throughout the whole film since we are still oblivious about the reasons a particular person withheld specific information which is why the importance of that murder is small compared to the bigger issue. And while I was watching this, I couldn't stop thinking about the reasons why some people prefer the life of drug dealing then to be properly employed with a job which is that even with one or two less-than-minimum wage jobs is sometimes not defined as sufficient employment to make a normal living meaning that if some jobs paid more in wages some people would not have to resort to a life of crime. I'm just saying that the film stated this point quite clearly. 3 out of 4 stars

Jeffrey S (us) wrote: This movie had some interesting aspects. It is not my favorite Wes Anderson movie for a couple reasons however. First, unlike his other movies, such as The Life Aquatic, of Grand Budapest Hotel, this takes place in a more stationary place, a house. This, I feel, inhibits Anderson's iconic rambunctiousness. We are confined, instead of exploring the world he has created in this movie, to explore merely one house. Yet, this brings me to another point. Because of the lack of a wild setting, Anderson is focusing more on the characters development. This lends a certain nuance to every actor's style in this movie. Much more than his other movies, these nuances seem to add to a sense of broader meaning, Anderson's take on a dysfunctional family.

Charly F (ca) wrote: Well, this film is as probably as true to what actually happened as a Shakespeare history play, but I enjoyed it and I think it makes a good companion piece to another film that is supposedly based on true events - "Cool Runnings" (there is even a nod to that film in "Eddie The Eagle" ) And Taron Egerton is great in the title role and Wolverine is very good too, in the John Candy role. I have no idea if the real Eddie Edwards is as he is portrayed in the film, but he has gone up in my estimation for dropping out of the ITV reality show - "The Jump" which is not only ludicrous but dangerous. Is Eddie The Eagle to be regarded as a figure of fun or a brave underdog with a dream? Probably both and this film works very well.

J P (ca) wrote: Misogyny at the highest level of the U.S. government.