Two Small Bodies

Two Small Bodies

Eileen Maloney, a hostess at a strip joint, has woken up to find her two children are missing. Lieutenant Bramm suspects that she killed them herself. He questions her for days about her lifestyle, her children, her ex-husband, men and women, and life in general. He forces her to re-enact her last moments in the children's room hoping to shock her into giving more information. The lieutenant's infatuation is not merely professional, however, and soon they are reversing roles.

Eileen Maloney, a hostess at a strip joint, has woken up to find her two children are missing. Lieutenant Bramm suspects that she killed them herself. He questions her for days about her ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael B (us) wrote: Terrible, so terrible. This movie had potential to bring some good comedy to the online video game playing just like Grandma's Boy did but it failed miserably. The main guy Cody was just bitter the whole time and never let it go to make him someone you wanted cheer. Jason Mewes sure is trying to find his way onto the screen with out the Askew universe but this one was a step in the wrong direction. Jokes were not well timed and really poorly done. Try agin nerds. viewed 2/8

Chloe K (nl) wrote: this movie is awsome

Jennifer R (ca) wrote: whole movie toke place in a park

Alexander C (mx) wrote: Would like to see at some stage.

Eliabeth O (ru) wrote: This is a well-told story about grassroots movements and the history of black cinema.

Wes S (mx) wrote: Mimic 2 takes the basics of the first films and tosses them together in a plain creature-feature that doesn't quite get the same themes as the first. The cinematography tries to copy del Toro, but it misses, so you end up with a dim lit mess. The effects are below average, the story is small and forgettable, but the characters do stand out a bit more this time yet they're still not too good.

Timothy M (mx) wrote: A bit less captivating that Kiarostami's other films, although it still fits squarely into his idea of "incomplete cinema." Well, it's not his idea, but I'm not really familiar with anyone else who does it overtly (Chris Nolan, of all people, seems to be dabbling with it of late). Ford is the earliest user of it that I know, and it makes perfect sense - involve the viewer by getting them to speculate, and then never prove them wrong. This one probably demands a rewatch, but it was still quite interesting in fits and starts. One reference (I assume it's a reference, I may be wrong) to a [i]A Taste of Cherry[/i], where an unseen character digging a hole hands the protagonist a human leg bone, is alternately hilarious and horrible.

Matt N (it) wrote: Jean Reno and a young Natalie Portman make this film work. Oldman is psychotic and in command. International version depicts a stronger sexual aggressiveness from Matilda towards Leon but it never goes over the line.

Karl A (it) wrote: GOOD TIMES great movie

The Critic (ag) wrote: A wonderfully constructed oddball caper that's kept grounded by the charming Michelle Pfeiffer as our likeable protagonist Angela DeMarco, whose attempts to divorce herself from the mob are hampered by the sexual advances from boss Tony (a wonderful Dean Stockwell), his jealous wife Connie's temper (Mercedes Ruehl stealing ever scene), and an undercover FBI agent (boy next door Matthew Modine). 'Married to the Mob' is a cleverly written piece with some witty lines and laugh-out-loud gags that consistently entertains. Features Joan Cusack, Chris Issak, and Roma Maffia in minor roles.

Allan C (fr) wrote: Snooty rich lady Goldie Hawn hires local yokel Kurt Russell to redo her ships closet. Hawn then stiffs Russell on payment for his work, saying he used the wrong wood, and then shoves him overboard. Soon after, Hawn herself falls overboard and loses her memory. Her rich husband is glad to be rid of her and leaves her in the hospital with amnesia. Russell then shows up claiming to be her husband and plans to make her cook and clean for him for a month to cover the payment she stiffed him on. It's pretty obvious where the story goes. Hawn is a fish out of water in the small town of Elk Cove, OR and in trying to cook and clean for Russell and his unruly boys, but then Russell learns from Hawn and Hawn learns from Russell and will they fall in love? It's completely formula, but Russell (mullet and all) and Hawn are very likable and director Garry Marshall knows how to milk a good formula. The film is also populated with talented character actors that include Edward Herrmann, Katherine Helmond, Roddy McDowall, Hector Elizondo and Arnold's stunt double Sven-Ole Thorsen playing Olaf (a non-speaking role). Back in my video store clerk days, I remember this being quite popular and I kind of wonder if this comedy has become undeservedly forgotten. It's nothing brilliant, but it's pretty entertaining.

Badrul H (mx) wrote: Classic. Still watchable and sad.

Seishi (kr) wrote: i saw it in the theatre when i was like 13...

Ashley B (nl) wrote: I knew I had to see this after pretty much falling in love with the movie Tommy, and i was not dissappointed. Who doesn't want to think of Hitler as a robotic reincarnation of Wagner? Entirely offensive and wonderful all at the same time.

Karsh D (es) wrote: A brief fling between a DJ and an obsessive fan leads to deadly events. Classic " fatal attraction " style thriller.

Charlie S (br) wrote: So campy and dated, but surprisingly enjoyable

Lilian W (fr) wrote: Bergman's Last Film and what an experience it is! As a Master of a Filmmaker, his technique, his artistry and above all, his innate wisdom - sharply heightened by decades of experience- are all there. At the age of 85, he comes to understand what was lacking in his life and the reasons behind his sufferings. He puts it all out here, saying the unsaid, with plain terms and it's up to you to see it either as straightforward or insightful. Either way, I thought it was a very appropriate end to this Brilliant Man's Career! I don't think I can say much to give Liv Ullman the praise she deserves but the best thing I can say is that there is a light in that woman's eyes that never seems to fade through time.

Luc L (it) wrote: A very good and powerful drama with a wonderful performance by the lovely Lillian Gish.(08)

Simon E (jp) wrote: Okay - it was never in line to win an oscar, but it's great escapist fun. Totally ridiculous in every way and lovable because the film doesn't take itself seriously. The only decent costumes were worn by Sid James because they were allegedly made for Richard Burton when filming the 'real' Cleopatra!. I have a copy on DVD that I watch from time to time!

Chris T (ag) wrote: Forgot how charming and witty this movie is. Very flawed, but worth a watch on YouTube.