Two-Sword Fencing Is Born

Two-Sword Fencing Is Born


In the third installment of Yoshikawa's novel Musashi, things continue from the 2nd film at the end of battle, where Miyamoto continues on a mission of learning; with the introduction of his arch-rival Sasaki Kojiro; and lastly the large cast of characters rendezvouses for a fateful finale. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jeff H (ca) wrote: I only give this movie a full star versus half a star because Jon Bon Jovi actually pulls of a decent acting performance. The plot and story arch leave so much to be desired. It's incredibly weak, and for a movie about hockey, they only play one game and there's nothing on the line when they do. I'd believe it if they misspelled the movie and this should be called "Puked".

Michal N (fr) wrote: another piece of great german production, very exhausted description of STASI methods, but some too boring scenes maked me sleepy...finally very paradoxical...

Timothy S (gb) wrote: "Changing Lanes" is a most unusual movie, not quite a thriller although that may be the easiest way to categorize it and there are thrilling elements present within the context of the story. This is more concerned with questions of morality, ethics and doing the right thing, and the end result is an oddly fascinating film with two strong lead performances. Samuel L. Jackson has been good before, and he brings a lot of depth to what could have been a stock character, but the real story here is Ben Affleck. This film represented a career shift for the actor, and although duds would follow before being completely reinvented in Hollywood, this was perhaps only the second time anyone would take him seriously as an actor. The two play off each other marvelously, and it's clear as their war escalates that they both despise the person they have become. They are both essentially good people, forced into this battle of one-upmanship because of their own personal pressures, and both actors illustrate that internal battle with an extraordinary amount of skill. Not content to let that central conflict be the only one here, screenwriter Chap Taylor fleshes out the story by delving into Jackson's troubled family issues and Affleck's moral discussion with his boss and father-in-law. Director Roger Michell deftly juggles all of the plot lines and delivers a rich and deeply satisfying picture. "Changing Lanes" sets out to do something unique and rare, and for the most part, it succeeds. The final act, when the friction is resolved loses some of the film's edge, but until then, it's quite good.

Ben K (mx) wrote: One of Gwyneth Paltrow's earliest performances and a nice turn from James Caan can't save a movie from the two leads who are trying way too hard to seem damaged.

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