Two Weeks in Another Town

Two Weeks in Another Town

A recovering alcoholic film director tries for a comeback in Rome.

After spending three years in an asylum, a washed-up actor views a minor assignment from his old director in Rome as a chance for personal and professional redemption. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matthew G (de) wrote: What a bastardization of Superman. Where is the Superman Wonder Woman movie? Where is the Superman Lois Lane Movie? Where is the Superman goes to the doctor to find out why this is happening to him movie? Think about this movie and the only phrase in regard to Captain America Coming back to life or the Doctor vs a movie like this is "What about Superman?"

Sufi O (es) wrote: Worth seeing, trust me..

Coral C (it) wrote: Must have went straight to DVD, I doubt it ever hit the cinema. Watched it all, but would not recommend it.

Stacy B (ag) wrote: Love documentary's and this one tops many of them

Jarryd L (fr) wrote: this movie is by far one of my fav. its funny and have a little romatic plot to it. def. a must see movie

Anuj S (jp) wrote: Good movie with talented artists who do a pretty good job

Ralph R (us) wrote: I wish that I did not have to review this movie. I wish that Swayze would go back to performing music. I wish that Obama never gets elected.

Jason M (jp) wrote: just dont realy like sports so it has to be realy good for me

Nikolai H (mx) wrote: I was so pleasantly surprised by this. I almost chose not to watch it because it looked... questionable. But I'm glad I hit "play."Each of the individual stories is decent, not groundbreaking or anything but definitely entertaining. I thought the characters were decently fleshed out for being in such short storylines, and one of them, despite being in a fairly generic story, I genuinely grew to care about, which made her story much more exciting.All of this might earn it 3/5 ("good" in my book), but the truly wonderful and unexpectedly chilling twist at the end made the whole thing seem much better quality, and I felt satisfied by all the endings and how they tied together - a rare thing in horror, especially in this kind of anthology. I'm tempted to give it 4 stars, but the lack of originality in most of the plots makes that seem slightly excessive. So 3.5 it is.