Two Years at Sea

Two Years at Sea

Experimental film following a bearded Scottish hermit as he goes about his outcast life.

After working at sea, a man realizes his dream of moving to the middle of the forest. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matthew I (de) wrote: Great film, If you have a love for the early days of skateboarding I definitely recommend it. Because of this I ended spending 90 bucks on a Bones Brigade box set (can't wait to watch).

Timm S (ag) wrote: Gives The Game Away 25min Into The Story..That's 75% Of The Movie You Spend With No Mystery, No Suspence..Waiting For It To End. I Respect / Like Ray Liota's Work, So He Gets 1 Star..The Rest Sucked.

Kashfia F (ag) wrote: Haven't read the book but sounds beautiful.

Aj V (es) wrote: I barely remember this. It was a boring cop movie, but I may give it another try someday.

Jo S (ru) wrote: Nice action packed film. Strays a little from the comic's story line, but sticks to the main principles.

Justin A (ru) wrote: A fairly fun fantasy movie with rubber-suit monsters and plenty of great set pieces. Aimed a bit more towards children than the first movie, but still some fun.

Jacob G (nl) wrote: An attempt at a disturbing vampire movie but ends up coming off weirdly racist and needing five hundred less sex scenes

Daniel P (it) wrote: The star is for Christopher Walken, who really commits to this turdburger of a movie and makes Al Pacino look just as washed-up as I've long refused to admit he is. Skip this one, blecch.

Stefan N (jp) wrote: Let's address the film's controversy over its portrayal of Turkey as its nations. Throughout the film, the Turkish are not portrayed in a negative light. Like any other prison drama, some of the inmates and the prison guards as terrible people as it is a "dog eat dog world." The judges have empathy for his situation, and the only other 'terrible' people are those who are using him to fight a political game. Midnight Express doesn't say that Turkish prisons are bad, but that all prisons are bad. If you're in prison, most of the time you made regretful mistakes or are mentally-ill. Why as a society do we insist on punishment? Oliver Stone always has a political message, and here he condemns the governments ruining lives in order to send a message. Stone usually has this flair in his direction, that it's easy to forget his depth of thought and thoroughly thought framing incorporated in the film. While it is a prison drama for half of it's running length (the less interesting half), it also looks at the judicial system in non-Western countries and the mentality. Of course it is stereotypical, but at least its not viciously demeaning of other cultures like "Argo." Brad Davis plays the lead, a young man who tries to smuggle hashish out of Turkey that gets arrested. He is quite subtle most time, but when he needs to shed a tear and scream, he is prepared. An honest performance if there ever was one. John Hurt's character acting is memorable too, but he does play an archetype. The cinematography and set-direction, chosen by director Alan Parker, makes a statement and is not there just to look pretty. Giorgio Moredor's blood-pumping and emotionally challenging score is one of the most memorable themes of the 70's. His range of composition is impressive. Midnight Express is the first time Oliver Stone employed his signature 'innocent youth corrupted by society' theme and it may be his most effective. Alan Parker takes the technicality of Stone and adds emotion making for a thrilling adventure.

Alex W (ag) wrote: I always give bonus point of a movie tries something new and difficult, and hardcore henry earns bonus point abound! Shooting a movie entirely in first person in real time that appears as one long take while Copley plays multiple characters, i mean the list goes on. The action is clever, entertaining and intensive, you cant keep count of the number of times you will say "how did they do that" to yourself. Copley really is one of the best actors working today, his range just in this is phenomenal. One last bonus point: i am prone to motion sickness and was expecting to get nauseated during this but did not :)