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Joseph W (us) wrote: Would of been so much more enjoyable if Phil Neville wasn't in the same class as the others.

Jos C (us) wrote: Como corto quedaba mejor

Charles F (nl) wrote: This is one of those movies where I could swear something similar was done before - or not. It may well be the Zeitgeist of the times is all. A puffed-up arrogant critic entirely lacking in empathy, writing increasingly harsher (and unfair) reviews, until one chef in particular is unlucky enough to incur the ire of his swollen gut and also happens to already possess a house of cards set to crumble with the least provocation. Then along comes a spider and knocks it all down. Luckily for the purposes of the movie, the victim also happens to have some seriously repressed issues which, when they do start to surface, emerge in cunning and cruelly 'civilized' fashion. After that, a certain ambivalence sets in and it can be difficult discerning which way Peter Grey's moral compass is heading. Not for long though - with a last name like Grey, it's pretty obvious we're dealing with a character more round than flat, with layers of subtlety and complexity strengthened by the moderately queer subtext, and strong performances by the two main characters. There is horror to be uncovered in Bitter Feast - it's beyond me how a New York Times critic would label this aspect of the film "cinematically inert," which doesn't make sense here. This movie is listed as Horror/Comedy. If you are looking to jump out of your seat, hold a partner's hand, or poop your pants then you better look elsewhere. For everybody else, Bitter Feast is likely to be a welcome addition to the genre and a pleasant 1hr 43 min. at that.

Ron S (es) wrote: I don't know if this was great or if it was so far fetched it made you watch the whole thing . I laughed alot .. so it was OK

Luis O (gb) wrote: Not much of a musical, but a nice little story.

Doctor S (us) wrote: A microscopic 3% liked this one, that's got to be the record!

Tim M (es) wrote: Fighting, knives, guns, boobs. It could have been but to 30 min of good. It's likes a porn movie with a horrible plot, just show the action.

Pat M (es) wrote: a little nutty and kind of slow.wasn't a dud,but the ending was one of the WORST -leaves you totally in disbelief [out to dry].

Troy K (nl) wrote: Hard to follow at times and something just seemed off.

bill s (ca) wrote: It's a wonderful thing when you can see young actors come into their own and "pop'.This is that time and this is that movie....one of the best of '84.

Susan H (fr) wrote: This is another great Sinbad movie...!

Alex r (jp) wrote: More often than not, there are several obscured horror gems that have been long since forgotten and in the case of Frogs, that's very much the case. There has been several movies featuring killer creatures and it spawned an entire genre of horror commonly known as Nature gone wild. As cheesy as this film is, there is a tense atmosphere that lingers over the movie and it adds to the tone of the movie. Acting wise there are no standout performances, but the cast do a good job with a decent script. This is the type of film that is designed for pure mindless fun and in that respect, it does that very well. The film is flawed, but is pure fun from start to finish. If you love low budget horror flicks, then this is a must see movie. The plot is ridiculous, however it works due to the fact that these genre films tend to display in deadly ways that is sure to peak the interest of the viewer. Killer frogs, you ask? Well, how entertaining can it be or how amusing can a film like this be. The answer is, quite entertaining, if you're in the mood for some cheesy killer creature entertainment. One of the film's highpoints is the dark, ominous score by Les Baxter. Frogs is so bad it's good entertainment that should be seen by horror enthusiasts. If you're in the mood for a silly good time, give Frogs a viewing as it is among the most original killer creature films I've seen. Be warned however, this is not a film that will win any awards, but is sure going to entertain you if you enjoy these types of films. With a chilling atmosphere, Frogs is one of the most underrated films in the nature gone wild genre and it should be rediscovered by horror fans simply for its camp value.

Aseem K (ca) wrote: A visual delight and funny as hell..

King of E (es) wrote: One of the most innovative animated films of all time and arguably on of the biggest films of time, Toy Story offers a great story and memorable characters who will stay in your memory for a long time. From the innovative animation to the introduction of Pixar's mastery, this film has made its mark on moviemaking history.