An underground city is built to save a cross-section of humanity as a comet hurtles toward Earth.

An underground city is built to save a cross-section of humanity as a comet hurtles toward Earth. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jeff S (it) wrote: 9.5/10. A brilliant documentary that ultimately portrays a man, a Formula 1 race car driver, that grows up far too fast, and dies far too young. The film does not play out like your typical biopic. Instead of setting up the character early on, Senna jumps right into the action, starting with his rookie season in F1. Over the course of the movie, the film backtracks and touches on his childhood and family, but it barely scratches the surface of his personal relationships, or his off-track interests and hobbies. Even so, you still feel that you come to understand the man beneath the helmet, the man named "Senna".But ultimately, Senna is a film about motor sports, and that's where most of the energy goes. We are greeted with great lengths of archival footage from races and interviews featuring our guy. Director Asif Kapadia does a marvelous job stitching everything together, and creating something that feels like a Hollywood feature instead of a biography. But thanks to the tapes, you get that wonderful feeling of nostalgia, of a different time, a different era, when things were more dangerous, more exciting, but people were still people, and racing was still racing.A must watch for all sports fans, but even those with disdain for the genre can find a fascinating character portrayal here that is WELL worth their time.

Thomas B (kr) wrote: A little corny, but funny.

Becs D (us) wrote: It's really hard not to show some level of empathy to the woman who's life was filled with people who used and abused her. Was she paranoid? Did she have reason to be? This was a survivor who became a murderer

Dann M (de) wrote: A terribly formulaic and cliched thriller, Diary of a Hitman is a poorly made piece of tripe. When a hitman is contracted to kill a young mother and her infant child he has a crisis of conscience. There's nothing original in the plot, and it's completely predictable. The cast isn't that bad, and includes Forest Whitaker, Sherilyn Fenn, Sharon Stone, and James Belushi, but there's not a good performance among them. Diary of a Hitman is a tiresome and derivative film that's void of any tension or suspense.

Alexander P (de) wrote: Sappy but strong. Worth one shot at seeing.

Jason B (kr) wrote: If you have to chose between Orpheus or The Blood of a Poet then you should choose Orpheus. The two are very similar in story about Orpheus has more of a standard narrative tone and was produced twenty years later after Cocteau has more experience in the craft. Functionally they are similar, but structurally you know more of what to expect.

Michael T (nl) wrote: The plot is for the birds, but what a score! Glenn Miller & His Orchestra introduce "At Last," "People Like You and Me," "Serenade in Blue," and the Oscar-nominated "(I've Got a Gal in) Kalamazoo."

Michael S (br) wrote: Despite it's blatantly ludicrous plot outline, Grabbers proves to be a funny and endearing creature feature with inspired monster design and a great sense of comedy and horror. If you are keen on films like Attack the Block than this one is a no brainer.

Shane B (jp) wrote: I really enjoy this movie. I'm not saying I support smoking, not 99 percent but 100!