U Be Dead

U Be Dead

A doctor and his girlfriend are stalked by a woman who claims to be in love with him. Meanwhile, the man falls in love with a younger woman. Based on a true story

A doctor and his girlfriend are stalked by a woman who claims to be in love with him. Meanwhile, the man falls in love with a younger woman. Based on a true story. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Meredith W (nl) wrote: slow moving at times, but very touching. Eric Bana does a good job in the dramatic role and really captures the father's pathos.

Angela G (br) wrote: The things that are on day time tv are actually not bad ehe.Ohhh Freddy prince...drools...

Eliabeth N (br) wrote: JULIE TAYMOR IS A GODDESS...

Tracey c (fr) wrote: Action-filled follow-up finds former assassin Kathleen Kinmont living in seclusion with her daughter, until government agent Lorenzo Lamas requests her help in recovering a stolen nuclear guidance system. And the man behind the theft is an international terrorist who happens to be Kinmont's former lover. John Savage, John Ryan also star. 90 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English.

bill s (ag) wrote: As fun as chickens running around with their heads cut off .

Kieran T (jp) wrote: Kinda funny sometimes but just full of cliches to the point where you don't care

sabrina i (kr) wrote: A visual poetic masterpiece of cinema. LANDSCAPES IN THE MIST is a heartbreaking tale of innocence lost. A brother and sister leave their home in search of their 'father'. Exactly why they left their mother is not explored in the film or atleast I didn't catch it. I mean was their relationship with her broken? Did she abuse them? At any rate..the journey they take is not an easy one. It's full of shocks and sadness. Both childern display a lot of strength in not letting go, not giving up. We find out in the beginning of the film that their father is not in Germany and the their mother lied to them about that. So, what is this search for him? I felt like the search was for happiness, for contentment. For SOMETHING that will make their life meaningful. As the children go on with their long journey..they meet all kinds of people. What struck me was that not one adult tried to help them get back home. Even the young man they befriend, he is kind and caring but not once did he try to help these children like they should have been helped. The adults in this film fail these children. It's heartbreaking to watch. LANDSCAPES IN THE MIST is directed sensitively by Angelopoulos. He allows us to care for these two children as much as he does. He respects their plight. The images that we witness in this film are unforgettable. There's several moments that stay with you for days. The atmosphere is very bleak and rainy. The towns that the childern visit are broken down and desolate. There is a desperation about the people that inhabit these places. The film has no uplifting message and leaves you feeling pretty down afterwards. But it's a profoundly moving piece of art...one that should be experienced.

Aleksandar C (jp) wrote: Deserve more than 82%, masterpice movie.

Ben R (nl) wrote: Not as great or catchy as Rocky Horror but its still a decent weird muscial. Alot of the songs here are hit and miss and the original Brad and Janet are sorely missed. I think Cliff De Young and Jessica Harper played the parts of Brad and Janet too awkward and weird for their own good. The original performances by Susan Sarandon and Barry Bostwick just came naturally and it wasn't forced at all. Cliff De Young is alright but kinda rubbed me the wrong way as Brad, but I'm in love with Jessica Harper and think shes beautiful in the most quirky awkward way. Her voice does get alittle too much at times but she can actually sing. I prefer her performance in the other weird musical "Phantom Of The Paradise" much better. Nell Campbell,Patricia Quinn,Charles Gray and Richard O'Brien make a return as different characters but were just annoying for the most part. You can tell nobody really had their heart in any of the performances, and just got through it the best they could. I also think if the songs had more time to be worked on, this would have been much better. Also the location of the single studio with different sets wore out its welcome rather quick. Not entirely the filmmakers fault because of a strike that was going on at the time, so they had to work with what was available for their sets. Not saying this is really good or even something I'd watch again tomorrow but its still worth a watch every once in awhile. If you like weird out there musicals then I'd say watch this and you'll like it just fine. If you're going to compare this note for note with Rocky Horror....just don't bother because you aren't going to like this at all.

Lucas M (ru) wrote: Looks like Mel Brooks' material, anyway Start The Revolution Without Me is terrific and unforgettble!. Fresh.

Rob C (kr) wrote: Masterpiece to see at all costs. Incredible polyphonic style at the service of a nihilistic and hopeless representation of life.

Aj V (br) wrote: I didn't get this movie. If people would have taken more time to discuss their problems the story would have been a lot different. It was just stupid to me, but the acting was good, so I didn't rate it so low.

Jackson M (mx) wrote: A fun action packed adventure with vampires kicking some werewolf ass

Love M (ca) wrote: Brittany Murphy wasn't half bad but this was an average thriller that lacked suspense and mystery with every turn predicted and an ending that could only go one way! 10/05/2012