A group of friends awake one morning to find all electricity and power shut off and an immense alien aircraft hovering in the air above their heads. Suddenly this regular group of friends is battling to survive as the entire human race is threatened by the alien army hovering ominously above. Aliens announce a hostile takeover of Earth by cutting off all power and communications, prompting a small band of survivors to fight for the human race in this sci-fi action-adventure featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme

Friends get together for a night out in a bar. Life is wonderful as a couple share their proposal moment. When, suddenly strange things start to happen. Loss of power. Throughout the city. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andy R (us) wrote: A terribly slow travelogue that was inexorably nap-inducing.

Farah R (br) wrote: The musical moments are immensely enjoyable but all together Clint Eastwood's Jersey Boys is mediocre and has plenty of room for improvements.

Kenneth B (es) wrote: A film that extols the virtues of rats whilst mocking the plague and the atomic bomb. Okay I realise that it is tongue in cheek but it's still a poor effort from Pixar. The sole plus point being an interesting use of animation techniques.

Joel H (gb) wrote: Music Within couldn't hold my attention. It features powerful performances by both Michael Sheen and Ron Livingston, but the inspiring true story loses its power as the film wanders around and drags on. It's a shame because this movie had the potential to be great.

Donald H (br) wrote: great movie you be wen you see it

Brian B (it) wrote: Five stars hands down! Stop hating and being racist critics!

Daryl V (mx) wrote: It was cute... but the book is SOOO much better!

Anthony M (it) wrote: Aronofsky's debut puts him right where he works best, inside the mind of a tortured genius.

Tim S (br) wrote: Christopher Walken stars in this great, if a little uneven, crime film by controversial director Abel Ferrara (Driller Killer, Bad Lieutenant).It tells the story of Frank White, a crime lord who, after being released from prison, makes a violent campaign to reclaim his empire in order to use his ill-gotten gain for charitable means in this modern twist on the Robin Hood mythos. At the same time a core group of New York cops are all over him and his gang, determined to go to war, whatever the cost, to bring him down which leads to a violent climax.In a break from the usual cops and robber movie the line between crook and cop are a little blurry here. Sure Walken's character is a crook who kills people and then goes to parties laden with cocaine and sex, but he kills other scum bags and tries to use his new found freedom to do good things for charity. He's a character who is using his empire as a means to do what he feels is the right thing and raise a poor community up from its poor roots.The cops on the other hand believe that a crook, will forever be a crook. As David Caruso's (CSI: Miami joke here) character aptly puts, that the more people he kills the more it reflects badly on the cops whilst no matter what they do to stop Frank, he always gets away scot-free. I can definitely see the positives and negatives from both sides as they can be both as bad and both as justifiable in their actions. Really well thought out stuff when you think about it, and this was a film made 12 years before the Wire (which I've still got to finish watching).Though while I do say it's uneven I still hold to that. Some bits feel a little rushed in pacing and even the lawyer girlfriend to Frank White seems to vanish into thin air during the third act of the film.But despite being a low budget film, it is still a pretty good looking film with an impressive cast (including Lawrence Fishburn, Wesley Snipes and David Caruso) who play their parts really well. I did have a few niggling problems, mostly with the sound though that could attribute to the copy of the film I had. But the climax of this film is where it's really at as everything that has been building up to this comes to an exciting head.It's such a shame that this film has been so over looked, I mean I only really found out about it through Christopher Walken's film list. It deserves a lot more credit.

Pete S (us) wrote: A little sappy but O'Toole saves it

Alec B (mx) wrote: There's probably a version of this movie that's an unrelenting pressure cooker but Wilder's trademark wit takes the movie down a more interesting and entertaining path. Holden's performance is perfection.

Kevin M W (ca) wrote: Bogie plays a misunderstood artist who's a bit better than the typical Tinseltown hacks, who finally finds his Muse. Only it happens just as he is accused of murder. Can love find a way in a world w/o love? The work is okay, but the love angle is hard on the eyes, hard to believe. Nonetheless the commentary on the emotional stability of the creative persona is spot on and worth the investment.

Timothy N (es) wrote: Simple, heartwarming, charming.

Charlie E (gb) wrote: hard to get to the understanding of the drug and other things happening in Mexico. only good was the song at the start of the credits when the movie ended