U nás v Kocourkove

U nás v Kocourkove


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:80 minutes
  • Release:1934
  • Language:Czech
  • Reference:Imdb
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U nás v Kocourkove torrent reviews

Nick D (it) wrote: A little short on the humor end of the stick, but other than that it was pretty good, with top of the line animation.

H C (ag) wrote: I've been a voyeur on Rotten Tomatoes for several years, using it as my bible in regards to what movies to watch. It's fairly rare where I disagree with a 90%+ rating, but this film was so patently awful, without a single redeeming quality, that I actually took the time to register an account to leave a review. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm the sort of guy who likes highbrow, low key, undercover films. My friends tease me because I'll only go to art house theaters and not the local megaplex. So before you write me off, consider that I'm one of you - I like small scale, personal, slow moving films.However, I can honestly say that this is probably the worst film I've ever seen. There's not a single compelling reason to watch it. My only thought after the credits appeared was "I'll never get those two hours of my life back." This film was beyond sterile, beyond uninteresting and beyond watchable. In fact, it ruined my faith in the Rotten Tomatoes rating system (it has to be rigged).Well, that's it. Hate me, go on, just don't waste your time on this awful film.

Kevin M (mx) wrote: This feels like a student film all the way.

miss n (mx) wrote: once i won tickets for this movie on the radio so i went to go see it . . .recommended for miss noise school of film

Guilherme N (us) wrote: Must see movie, a strange revelation.

charles b (nl) wrote: Don Cheadle steals the show in this high stakes, truly gritty crime drama. The film does not break ground and its characters are very familiar but the top-notch acting and direction save the film. If you're looking for a mature shootem' up and you're not a film snob allow yourself to fall under its spell.

Sui G (jp) wrote: This is one of those movies where you thought it was going to be really cute and you wanted it to be great, but it wasn't...sad, I know.

Andrew O (jp) wrote: Quite possibly the closest we will ever come to a living, breathing cartoon.

Carlos I (es) wrote: A bit corny by today's standards, but I still love this. I love how deliciously over the top Alan Rickman is in this.

Andrew L (br) wrote: A pretty decent B list action movie. It has most of the right ingredients you need for a really good movie, but kind of falls into the more mediocre category. Still enjoyable though.

Thomas D (au) wrote: I love the unique style and background Cameron Crowe brings to his films. It's like an unexpected mixture of juvenile wonder and adult innocence that appeals to me about his films. Vanilla Sky is by far his darkest feature, but also the one with the least amount of heart and pizazz. In fact, most of it is just a dull mess.Vanilla Sky is an American remake of the 1997 Spanish film, Open Your Eyes. While I haven't seen that film yet, I can imagine it's probably a little more coherent. The remake poses some thought provoking questions and themes, including questions centered around life, death, dreams, guilt, regret, and a few other heavy hitters. But the way in which those themes are covered is less than impressive. It's a poor pun, but perhaps it isn't too surprising that this film feels very vanilla.The performances were great all around, and became the main driving force for my dwindling interest as the film went along. You can see Tom Cruise's passion for this role dripping through the character of David. This may be the best Cameron Diaz has ever been, as the creepy but seductive Julie Gianni. And of course, Penelope Cruz is great as Sofia Serrano. As much as I love their performances, it's difficult to become invested in any of the relationships when the script isn't where it needs to be. It's a dull screenplay that feeds off your attention span, or lack thereof. By that I mean that the film is only as interesting as you make it out to be. It takes plenty of twists and turns to keep your interest enough, but what's the point of a twist if you don't really care where the characters end up?Vanilla Sky is essentially a melodramatic soap opera disguised as a romantic mystery. I wasn't necessarily bored during the film, but it didn't grab my interest the way a film like this should have. Great acting, trippy visuals, and a classic Cameron Crowe soundtrack wasn't enough to save this dreamy picture.+Acting+Poses interesting questions-But takes too many twists and turns for those questions to mean anything-Dull script5.6/10

Alejandro E (mx) wrote: Estimables actuaciones de Eastwood y Malkovich en una trama de "carrera contra el reloj" a la que no le falla nada. Buena opcion para un fin de semana.