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U Pana Boga w ogródku


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Cecilia I (us) wrote: This is a film that neither know the word "minimalism" nor the expression "kill your darlings". The first 30 minutes is quite alright and pretty engaging. Monica Bellucci does a good job. But after a while the story starts to die a really embarassing film death. I think it contains all the mistakes a film can hold. And poor Mrs. Deneuve, what a lousy part! She must have been really broke or something... In fact Le Concile de Pierre isnt worth such a long review that I already have written... So now, my friends, I depart.

Alex T (ca) wrote: A solid, and often entertaining road movie, lead superbly by a tremendous performance from Paul Giamatti.

Jackson S (us) wrote: Unpopular opinion I know. But at the end of the day it's a pseudo coming of age story with a Bambi-like plot. Not a disaster, but far from the "greatest animated film of all time" or whoever said that.

Joe S (us) wrote: Passable action flick. About as good as I remember it. Some cool moments (Statue of Liberty battle, Grey's Chiun), and some really cheesy ones as well, but that's par for the course in 80's action. Ending is a bizarre combination of anti-climactic and unnecessarily violent. Looks like this might have inspired Human Target and Person of Interest (both way, WAY better) and could make for a cool reboot franchise.

Senor C (ca) wrote: The Cheerleaders might be complete trash & soft core porn to boot but I had a great time w/ it. I sorta feel a bit sheepish because for all the gratuitous nudity & sex because these girl are supposed to be young high school girls. In fact Stephanie Foundue is only supposed to be 16 but she is full out buck ass naked. All the girls are & they fuck their brains out. So much they take on their own football team in an orgy & then have a go @ the rival team. There's hardly a plot to be found & it doesn't play as well as Jack Hill's Swinging Cheerleaders but oodles of nudity goes a long way...RAH RAH RAH!! I love cheerleaders!

Joe C (es) wrote: Before he was French UFO Dude in Close Encounters, Francois Truffaut made films and this, his third feature, is a cracker. It's a simple yarn - the titular friends fall for the free-spirited Catherine - but Truffaut makes it sing through a freewheeling approach - newsreels, freeze frames, film stills, voiceover and tracking shots are all thrown in - that never soft peddles the emotional core. It's a film in the thrall of movies and in love with being in love, with all its ups and the downs.

Frank H (us) wrote: I just finished seeing," Beware My Lovely" and realized I was scared out of my wits. This movie is indeed suspenseful to the end. Very well directed in black and white and stars Ida Lapino and Robert Ryan. I could see it again, but the moment of suspense would be gone. It has taken me over 60 years to see this movie and think it should have gotten an award. Robert Ryan plays a tormented schizophrenic. Not typical for this handsome actor. it shows that the man has many diverse talents. I am glad I could see this movie on TCM.