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U Pana Boga za miedza torrent reviews

Bryn D (au) wrote: O.V.R 7/1O Creepy but Entertaining

Robert S (ca) wrote: introverted, quietly emotional, almost dreamlike character study on an.... oil rig, with a very hard climax. Epilogue seems an ill fit, but who's to say coping with tragedy doesn't bring people together?

Pavan R (ru) wrote: An entertaining movie about teens and the turbulent thoughts and emotion. Subtly deals with some serious issues too. A good watch overall.

Zach M (kr) wrote: As far as a Troma movie goes it had all the things that make most good, nudity, lots of over the top violence, perverse jokes and it's a little gross. The story though for this one isn't quite as interesting as the other Troma classics.

Erica T (mx) wrote: [font=Comic Sans MS]i was really thrilled with this movie. i loved it best movie of all time. they are going through a lot and no matter what happens they all stick together in the end and euphemia shows that the good will eventually be shown kindness no matter the race language or what. it shows a lot of hard times that everyone has been through and that good always prevails.[/font]

Pascal V (fr) wrote: C'est beau et (C)trange... extrmement bien film (C) ce flm n'a pas pris une seule ride en plus de 15 ans c'est fou... Et puis Tony Leung quoi... ^^

Mickey M (us) wrote: Texas Ranger "John 'JJ" McQuade" (Chuck Norris) is a loner who bucks authority. However, he will work with some people when he knows it's needed. During some down time from work, "McQuade" meets a beautiful widow (Barbara Carrera), who is with the mysterious martial arts expert "Rawley Wilkes" (the late David Carradine), who tries to get "McQuade", who has a reputation for using martial arts while trying to apprehend criminals he goes after. However, "McQuade" turns down the challenge. Now, "McQuade", along with his new partner "Deputy Kayo" (Robert Beltran", slowly learns of "Wilkes" shady background and go after him. But, federal agents try to stop them. However, "McQuade" makes it personal when his daughter (Dana Kimmell) is injured when she and a boyfriend witness a murder. Let me say first that this is not the best action movie, but it really is a pretty good movie. This is not a shoot'em up, fisticuffs film where there is only brief moments for the audience to catch their breath. It is, however an actioner where the action is needed. I really liked Norris in this role. He played "McQuade" as a gentle man who perfered to be alone, but really loved those close to him. "McQuade" is one of those who only had to give you a look to tell you to back off, and Norris did a good job conveying it as well. Many key supporting characters were barely developed, or not well developed. "Wilkes" and his boss (Daniel R. Frishman), a wheelchair-bound dwarf who has apparently crossed paths with "McQuade" many times in the past to the point that the Ranger knows when he tried to bluff him with an empty gold-plated pistol. The movie doesn't really tell us much about the two villains. In fact, I had to read online what "Wilkes" is as a criminal. Most of these supporting characters were just there to move the story along, and to give "McQuade" motivation. As for action, as I said before, it's spaced out nicely through the movie. Maybe it's because this movie is almost 30 years old, the violence is pretty toned down. Of course, because of the two leads, there is martial arts fights sprinkled around more than gun fights and explosions. I would have liked to seen just a little more action than there was. However, the action scenes are handled well. I wasn't impressed with the soundtrack in the movie, but the pieces of music is handled well and helps the scenes. I couldn't tell you any music from the movie if I heard it again, as the music is pretty forgetable. Despite the flaws, I enjoyed this movie. I wouldn't put it in your Must See List, but I'd check it out if you catch it on television.

Jude P (jp) wrote: A terrible nightmare where it is a beautiful tapestry for the critics !

Mikel B (ag) wrote: It's very much 'National Lampoon's Vacation' but with weed jokes. Lots and lots of weed jokes. Overall, a pretty funny good time.

Jacob G (it) wrote: Godzilla: king of the monsters is a surprisingly deep movie considering his reputation the acting is great and the only big problem with the film is that it is VERY dated