U2's Beautiful Day

The world's greatest rock band return to Ireland to play a sold out Slane Castle, in a concert that will live long in the memory of everyone there.

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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length: 50 minutes
  • Release: 2002
  • Language: English
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The DVD also includes THE UNFORGETTABLE FIRE documentary, which profiles the making of that classic album. U2 GO HOME captures the emotional intensity of the homecoming with 19 live tracks culled from the concerts, including "Elevation," "New Year's Day," "Angel of Harlem," "With or Without You," "Pride (In the Name of Love)," and 14 others. U2 chose the castle venue because it marked two watershed moments for the band: their recording session for the landmark album THE UNFORGETTABLE FIRE in 1984, and their first Slane appearance opening up for fellow Irish rock band Thin Lizzy in 1981. On September 1, 2001, Irish rock band U2 made a triumphant return to their roots with two outdoor shows at Slane Castle, Ireland

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