Ugly Me

Ugly Me

A beautiful woman (Mori) decides to transform into an ugly duckling in an attempt to ward off men and avoid more romantic disappointments.

A beautiful woman (Mori) decides to transform into an ugly duckling in an attempt to ward off men and avoid more romantic disappointments. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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West D (au) wrote: Well, it's Friday night. Let's go to a Razorback football movie and get ready for the season. Maybe call the Hogs. Nope.Greater.Some may watch this movie flesh deep and think it is about a tragedy involving a football player. They will miss a blessing. Go deep. No fly routes. As Miller Williams states: Deep --where the spirit meets the bone. In this deep place you ask questions such as, " Do lives matter?" You will not fully get it unless you stay until almost everybody is gone, the credits are ending and all of a sudden thousands upon thousands of names start scrolling down the screen. These are young people who have been touched by the Brandon Burlsworth Foundation. One life. Well lived. Yes, this life mattered. But, it does not stop there. In the next few weeks that list will be increased by hundreds of thousands. You cannot watch this movie and not be affected. I was tearing up within 15 seconds. It is that good.Brian Reindl, Fayetteville's walk on film maker knew this story needed to be told. No experience. Not enough funding. Most, thought he was nuts. He pulled it off. Thank you Brian. This movie matters.

Shannon M (ca) wrote: Fantastic movie! I loved the uncertainty in accepting new cultures, which is a common struggle for many people nowadays. I also enjoyed the love story, which felt very genuine, as well as the unexpected journey of leaving home and losing oneself.

Donna V (it) wrote: Hilarious. You've got to love horror movies. I've enjoyed much worse. Something about healthy, happy, and shallow teens getting picked off when they expected a party vay-cay just never gets old for me.

Wiskers T (es) wrote: A good movie but some cheesy effects. But one gruesome scene. Overall its a good movie

Jens N (ru) wrote: Here's a film that has no incompetent ambitions to grow into something it's not.

ray h (br) wrote: This is a movie about almost nothing. It reminded me of Jerry Seinfeld's olde series, without the humor. The movie takes place in one day. There are long, lingering scenes of life in Thailand. These may evoke something of a mood; but I could not detect it. It seemed the director was just trying to fill out the running time of his movie. For example, there are scenes of water flowing in a stream for long moments.What there is to the plot involves two women. They are friends/acquaintances. The older woman is married. A child has died. She wants another child. Her husband is less enthusiastic. She has an affair with a co-worker. The younger woman works in a boring factory job. She hates it. She has a boyfriend who is an illegal alien. The boyfriend has a persistent skin problem. A lot of attention is paid to his skin condition. They head out one afternoon for a picnic in the forest. There are some sexual goings-on. And that is the movie.Don't bother to see this film. Some professional critics saw something in it to admire and recommend. I could not find it. There are much better choices.This was a bad trip to the flics.

Daniel T (es) wrote: Seti still has it on a dusty VHS perfectly preserved and recorded from channel 2 without the adverts & labelled "Old Yeller" or Form4 video production. Alyssa Milano stops yelling daddy, gets a warrant and makes a fish sandwich for Charlotte Lewis (kee nang from The Golden Child) who avoids being jumped by Rastafarian's wanting to smoke her scrolls in this vampish feature.

Matt G (ag) wrote: Look, I could sit here and spout off a bunch of smarty-pants words like "media-spurred mental breakdowns", "prescient fears of screen addiction", "morality based on faulty sources"....but I have to be honest: Either I'm an idiot, or this opaque outing just plain makes no sense. Cool effects, interesting ideas, haunting imagery? You bet...but those only take me so far before the overwhelming sense of "Huh?" wins out.

Victor M (de) wrote: Overpopulated, overpolluted, a visionary 1973 film of what is happening nowadays.

Michael M (ca) wrote: The most interesting parts of the film are the rebuttals by the prisoners of the tribunals which can be applied even to todays government and media. I highly recommend seeing this film.

Aaron G (gb) wrote: I was unfortunately bored out of my mind.

Brer R (ru) wrote: I think that Disney Could of Did Better

Jei P (it) wrote: love the casts, not a solid story

Vasco M (us) wrote: You can't blame 'Frequencies' for falling short on aspects as a result of its amateurish make, but what you can do is try to look beyond that and into the original, left-field story that is as bizarre as it is unpredictable. The movie takes many liberties when it comes to introducing new elements into the plot mechanics and it can be overwhelming if one doesn't pay attention, but I finished the movie somewhat satisfied because I knew that what I just witnessed wasn't a bad movie.

Maddison B (nl) wrote: He Never Died is a welcome dose of quirky humour. It's hardly a comedy, but an enjoyable, questionably strange bloody horror drawing out the gloomy side of eternal loneliness.Jack, a social pariah, is reluctantly thrust out of his comfort zone to save his daughter from mafia clutches. As the outside world bangs on his front door, Jack struggles to contain his violent past. Jason Krawczyk melds elements of crime, revenge, supernatural and dry comedy in this bizarre movie. The dark bloody humour is so deliciously deadpan and incredibly subtle that you might not realise it is there for the first half of the film. It took me awhile to figure out if I really loved or hated this film. But, as the movie proceeds the winking undercurrent becomes more pronounced, all you need to hear is Jack (Henry Rollins) relay his very long list of previous jobs. Though the title acknowledges Jack's immortality, the film is coy about its nature. The slow moving action and odd sense of humour may catch some audiences off guard. But, for those who can enjoy putting their plausibility aside, will relish in the raucousness of the film and be rewarded with giddy gore. He Never Died is just plain weird and performances don't come more deadpan in this original, sternly charming horror.

Vinicius B (es) wrote: Dizer que "Beijos que Matam" um suspense ruim seria uma injustia. O filme tem uma histria legal, timos atores (Morgan Freeman est grandioso no papel) e uma empolgante concluso. Mas o filme diminui a sua qualidade por conta dos clichs que o roteirista David Klass insiste em no evitar; clichs tpicos de filmes de seriais-killers. Alm disto, a ideia do serial-killer mascarado soa um tanto ridcula nesta trama, diminuindo a qualidade do filme e fazendo-o se parecer com uma adaptao cinematogrfica de um super-heris. Mas no um filme ruim e mesmo sendo igual milhes de filmes do mesmo gnero, "Beijos que Matam" bom entretenimento que consegue deixar o pblico aflito com a situao vivida pela protagonista do filme, bem interpretada pela Ashley Judd.

Stewart F (jp) wrote: Good film but some parts I didn't have a clue what they were saying....