The eccentric new manager of a UHF television channel tries to save the station from financial ruin with an odd array of programming.

The story follows the shiftless day-dreamer George, who suddenly become the manager of a desperate UHF station. Beyond everyone's imagination, however, George does a good job in the new role and soon proves to be a programming genius. With all kinds of hilarious shows and wacky humors, he makes the ratings raise again and saves the station. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


UHF torrent reviews

Suette S (mx) wrote: I found it to be a terrific ensemble of one of the funniest women in comedy today. Great physical comedy, hilarious dialogue, and it was refreshing to see David Arquette in an uncommon role as a British professor. I hosted a premiere through Tugg and everyone LOVED the film.

Kim B (ru) wrote: Norton is great, I like Banner alot more than Hulk in this film. Missing the humor of the other Marvel flicks

Sumit S (de) wrote: Entertaining throughout its runtime, hilarious in parts, heartwarming in bits & pieces, & uplifted to a better status solely by its lead cast, especially the actress Jeon Ji-hyeon, My Sassy Girl comes with its share of flaws but is still a better romantic story done when compared to most of what Hollywood comes out with. Honestly directed, brilliantly written, & superbly performed, My Sassy Girl is a pleasing adaptation of a true story & is a refreshing change to come out from South Korean cinema, which is best known for its violent revenge thrillers.

Bahram K (es) wrote: A beautiful movie to behold, "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" features both a well-constructed story and action to entertain, making it one of Ang Lees best.

Joseph B (fr) wrote: Reno's well worth it on this flick, good for a laugh, and enjoyable seeing Christina appelgate swing a scabbard properly.

Shawn S (it) wrote: The story isn't awful and Robert Patrick is pretty good but the terrible effects and the over-acting from the rest of the cast make it goofy.

Troy F (nl) wrote: I'll admit Ghost Dad made me laugh and crack a smile a few times, but I can ensure you a lot of it was not because the film genuinely entertained me, but because I was entranced by how much this film fails at what it's trying to do. I won't lie, there are some funny bits, which I don't want to overlook despite my disdain for this film, but it doesn't contribute as much to my entertainment value when the whole story it revolves around stinks. I really didn't get it. Well, generally, it doesn't make a lot of sense. The film is about a dad so focused on his career and less on his children that when he dies in a car accident, he lives as a ghost who must continue his career and care for his kids so they can have enough to live off of without him. The problem is that the story becomes complicating and messy. The whole film, Bill Cosby is pressured to keep up his career while meet his kids needs, but everyone treats him the same way they would if he were alive. HE'S DEAD. The film also tries to define a certain logic with being a ghost that totally backfires and undoes itself at the end with some bullshit that allows him to come back to life I guess? What else... the rest of the film is filled with some ridiculously dumb silly bits, but most of them are "intended to be funny but becomes rather cold and disturbing" sort of shenanigans with cheesy special effects. The film clearly ran into a lot of issues in the writeup, and it feels like a lot was thrown in to meet certain tones for the film and over-explain things that didn't work or make sense. What we get is a film that's just a total mess that's far more complicated than it needs to be. I can't tell you what can be fixed, because its broken to begin with. I can only blame the writing for this, as I believe Bill Cosby is fine in the right role and I'm sure Sidney Poitier is a man with a lot more class than I know. Ghost Dad is held down by its messy story and logic. HOWEVER, I'll admit there's there enough worthy Bill Cosby moments from this film to make a great compilation video. Saves you from a convoluted plot, why not.

Guillermo P (ru) wrote: Exquisite. A romantic travel to the inner-rebels We have portrayed in historical radical heroes!

(us) wrote: A dark, silent, effective drama flick with you as a character, Kurosawa captivates quickly with his brilliant mind and effective symbolism. I have not and surely will not ever see a movie quite so well themed as Rashomon.

Matt T (jp) wrote: Total crap! Waste of time! Hated it!

Ashley H (ca) wrote: I don't know what they did to the fourth wall or why, but I'm actually pretty okay with it. This was a cute movie.

Brandon W (us) wrote: My friend wanted me to watch I, Robot as I've never seen it before, even though I wanted to see it for quite some time. I'm glad that I got to see it because I, Robot is a lot of fun to watch. It stars Will Smith as a police detective who hates robots and come across a suicide that he thinks is something else more than that. With Will Smith in it, he'll always have fun with what he does, and in this, he's still charismatic as ever. Bridget Moynahan is good in this, and their chemistry together is funny and entertaining to watch. I didn't know that Alan Tudyk was in this and voice casted as Sonny as he's not only unrecognized, but also doesn't sound like him too which is really good. The plot has some interesting twists in there, but there were also some predictable twists and does the cliched cop tropes in it. The special effects are really cool to look at, the way that some of the camera moves during the action scenes, whether it spins around the character or goes around so that we see the character go around the platform, can be nauseous for some to watch, but it doesn't do it often, and it's also really interesting and quite something that I've not seen before and would like to see often instead of the shaky cam that barely works in some movies. The writing provides some thought-provoking moments, and a lot of funny scenes, even if the thought-provoking aspects are far in between. I, Robot may be a very dumb smart summer movie, but it knows how to have fun and entertain the audience, which is more then I can say for some summer blockbuster films these days.